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Viggo Rising (19:03:01): *I'm probably driving a bit faster than I should be to get us to the airport, worried that Orlando is planning to be on that flight and that we are going to miss it. As we pull around to where the luggage is being loaded--I see some idiot playing in traffic, nearly getting hit more than one time on the busy thoroughfare. Then as I get closer, I realise that's our idiot and I nearly slam on breaks* Jesus Christ....

prettyorli (19:04:17): *In the darkness, all I am aware of are the bright lights flashing past me as I stare about with wild eyes, the loud horns and cries for me to move only disorientate me more, I stare into the oncoming traffic for a moment, then turn to run, but my legs don’t quite work well enough for that, I stagger across lanes and hear brakes squealing.*

Viggo Rising (19:06:07): *I swerve off the road and slam the car into park as I jump out of the car, probably not any more intelligent by running into traffic myself* Orlando!

CraigyBaby01 (19:06:08): *pain forgotten I jump from the car as soon as it slams to a stop* Fuck! Orli! *Holding my ribs, running up to him* Orli?

prettyorli (19:07:41): *my fingers just brush the side of a car as it screams past me. It feels strange, and I lift my fingers up and look at them, aware of nothing else, part of the bandage on one hand torn away now*

Viggo Rising (19:08:11): *I dodge the last car and get to Orlando's side, grabbing onto him before he can dash off* what are you doing?!

CraigyBaby01 (19:08:39): Orli love? Pet? *Standing by him, seeing him so dazed*

prettyorli (19:10:46): *I start, and cry out in confusion as someone grabs me, pulling me out of danger, although I don't realise that. I'm struggling, fighting them until I look up. Blurred but slightly familiar faces. I giggle* Hello... *and offer a slow grin*

Viggo Rising (19:11:33): You're drunk! *Realisation hits me--he's fucking drunk. Without much preamble, I pick Orlando up and toss him over my shoulder* Come on, we're all going to get killed...

CraigyBaby01 (19:13:23): *watching in confusion as Viggo just picks Orli up in a fireman's lift* Viggo! you're going to make him sick!*walking after you both slowly*

Viggo Rising (19:13:46): Would you rather he get hit by a car? *I'm really not up for much argument on this.*

prettyorli (19:13:47): *suddenly, something very important comes back to me. Head spinning, I beat my fists against Viggo's back* I have to catch a plane! I have to...let me go, I have to catch a plane....*I draw in a deep breath as Viggo carries me toward the airport, then resume struggles* Where’s the airport? I need to go...

Viggo Rising (19:14:14): You aren't getting on a plane, Orlando--not until you sober up and sit down and TALK to us

CraigyBaby01 (19:14:58): *one hand around my chest, holding on, the other trying to reach out for Orli, to reassure him*

prettyorli (19:15:23): *quietly repeating the mantra, not even quite aware whose arms im in* I have to catch a plane. Have to have to have to. Have to catch a plane. A plane...Im going...

CraigyBaby01 (19:15:45): No Orli. you're not going anywhere.

prettyorli (19:17:10): Home...have to go home...*confused, frustrated tears starting to slip down my face* Put me down!

Viggo Rising (19:17:37): *I get us back to my car, tossing Orlando into the back seat, keeping a hand on him* Craig, get in the back with him so he doesn't try to jump out..... *I also switch the child lock on to prevent that* Yes, you are Orlando, we're taking you home

CraigyBaby01 (19:18:30): *getting into the car, trying to reach out for Orli* it's okay love.

Viggo Rising (19:19:06): *I quickly move around to get in the car and get us out of the traffic before we get into an accident*

prettyorli (19:19:09): *blinking through tears, I look up, Blurred faces becoming clear for an instant. I reach out a hand to touch one of them* Craig?

Viggo Rising (19:21:16): *I get us off the main road and find a parking spot, pulling into it before killing the ignition and turning around to face Orlando and Craig*

prettyorli (19:22:29): *leaning forward, swaying slightly as if we were still moving. Asking very softly, still unsure* my Craig?

CraigyBaby01 (19:23:18): yes love...oh yes, your Craig. It's okay pet, we're taking you home. *holding onto your hand*

Viggo Rising (19:23:21): *I don't even feel any pain at this point, adrenaline still driving me as I watch them--I should skin Orlando alive for this!*

prettyorli (19:24:27): No I....*closing my eyes, shaking my head, pulling away and crouching back against the door as I rummage in my pocket, pulling out my boarding pass* I have a ticket...have to go...Where’s the airport?

Viggo Rising (19:24:48): Why do you have to go?

prettyorli (19:25:23): *tears starting up again* I have to go home!

Viggo Rising (19:25:31): You ARE home

CraigyBaby01 (19:25:32): *leaning over, hissing at the pain, taking the pass and ripping it in two* No. No Orli, you're coming home. we need you.

prettyorli (19:26:35): *slipping down onto the seat, hugging myself and sobbing* No-oh...nonono...

CraigyBaby01 (19:27:16): *scooting over blinking away the pain, pulling Orli into my arms* Please...we can't be without you, we need you.

Viggo Rising (19:27:16): *I sigh, turning back around and starting the car. Screw this, we're going back to Craig's, we're going to sober Orlando up and deal with this*

prettyorli (19:28:46): *shaking my head, unresponsive* No, no because I think the wrong things and im not..not good enough. I c-cant...

Viggo Rising (19:29:31): *I grip the steering wheel harder--I did this, I made him feel like that. He shouldn't have been the one looking to get on a plane. I don't say anything yet, I don't trust myself to. I let Craig deal with him for the moment, until we can get back to his house*

CraigyBaby01 (19:30:36): No...god love please don't think that. Please. we can't be without you.../I/ can't be without you. I've only just found you, I can't lose you...please.

prettyorli (19:33:15): *burying my face in Craig’s shoulder, heavy, irregular breathing

Viggo Rising (19:33:19): *The drive home seems to take much too long...*

prettyorli (19:33:29): punctuated by small sobs as I gradually calm down. I'm thinking very hard about something. But I can't quite catch onto the tails of what it is.* Can we go dancing? *I twist my fingers in the fabric of Craig’s shirt*

CraigyBaby01 (19:34:09): *trying to soothe, to calm, unfamiliar with all of this*. not right now eh pet? maybe another time

Viggo Rising (19:35:21): *Finally we reach Craig's and I turn the car off again, getting out and opening Orlando's door*

prettyorli (19:35:55): *I sniff and nod, looking up with a small smile* Do you know what I love? I really love when its so loud you cant hear and just forget everything.

CraigyBaby01 (19:36:19): *looking up as the door opens, still holding Orli tight*

Viggo Rising (19:36:35): Let's go inside, get some coffee or something into him

prettyorli (19:36:56): I want to go to legends...

Viggo Rising (19:37:24): Later, not right now Orlando...we all need to go inside for now

CraigyBaby01 (19:37:54): *getting out of the car carefully, checking around the house to make sure it's ok*

prettyorli (19:38:34): *pulling myself out of the car, brushing off any hands trying to help me, and looking around, as if im about to head off* Need to go home...

Viggo Rising (19:41:18): *I grab Orlando's arm, pulling him back* You ARE home

prettyorli (19:41:39): *tiredly* I've got a ticket...

Viggo Rising (19:42:14): Not anymore you don't, Craig tore it up, remember?

CraigyBaby01 (19:43:01): *opening the door, frowning a little at the new locks, checking the house is empty, still paranoid*

prettyorli (19:43:11): *whispering* But I have to go... *turning to pull away from Viggo as my knees give.*

Viggo Rising (19:43:46): *I catch Orlando as he collapses, picking him up and carrying him inside and over to the couch, sitting down with him on my lap, holding onto him* Why do you have to go? We need you

CraigyBaby01 (19:44:26): *shutting the door, flicking the latches, leaning against the door a little*

prettyorli (19:44:43): *biting my lip, I know the answer to this one* Because I fuck things up.

Viggo Rising (19:45:13): No you don't, the only way you've even come close to fucking things up is by running out on us, Orlando

CraigyBaby01 (19:46:07): *ducking into the kitchen quickly, leaning on the couinter, taking just one pill, knocking it back with water before walking into the lounge*

prettyorli (19:46:13): But you're unhappy...

Viggo Rising (19:46:29): No I'm not

CraigyBaby01 (19:47:15): I'm not either. *sinking onto the sofa*

prettyorli (19:47:31): *sniffing, I cover my face with my hands. I don’t understand. Cant focus*

Viggo Rising (19:47:49): *I hold Orlando closer, rocking him gently as he sniffles* You are home

CraigyBaby01 (19:48:30): *leaning against Orli gently, my arm around Viggo*

prettyorli (19:49:17): *my head is starting to hurt, and I need a drink* I can't stay here. You don’t understand. I should’ve been here. Or not been here because if i wasn’t then you would have been and it would have been alright.

Viggo Rising (19:50:02): *It takes me a moment to track that logic, but then I get it* That's bullshit Orlando, you're right where you're supposed to be.

CraigyBaby01 (19:50:21): *tries to make sense of that* Orli love, you belong /here/. where you are loved

prettyorli (19:54:04): *closes his eyes, trying to concentrate* But I'm taking Viggo. Bits of Viggo. And I shouldn’t. I'm not...don’t deserve...and I'm selfish. *I've clearly been more affected by Craig's rape that I have shown before. Never seen anyone that hurt. Now I feel bad for having any wants of my own.*

CraigyBaby01 (19:55:29):'re not taking Viggo. you're helping me. I can't deal with all of this without you. I /need/ you. just as much as I need him.

Viggo Rising (19:55:35): Why don't you deserve it? And you aren't taking anything from me love, we all agreed to be one another's...

prettyorli (19:56:46): I can't *do* anything! I'm not giving anything! I’m not good enough! *fighting my way onto my feet again*

Viggo Rising (19:57:03): *I pull Orlando back down to my lap firmly* Yes you are, you can't leave me, you can't leave Craig *I bury my face in Orlando's neck* I need you

CraigyBaby01 (19:57:45): *feeling wretched, pleading* Please. Please don't do this to me...I need you. I need your comfort...please.

prettyorli (20:00:01): *another small sob chokes its way out* But you'll be better without...I can't carry you *to Craig* Cant comfort you *to viggo* Im selfish and u-useless and so I have to go.

Viggo Rising (20:00:50): We aren't better without you, we were devastated when we read that note...

prettyorli (20:02:11): *whispering* Couldn’t tell you...

CraigyBaby01 (20:02:25): *rubbing my hand in small circles on Orli's back, leaning against him* I have someone to carry me, to support me, that's not what I need from you.

Viggo Rising (20:03:10): You can't leave us, you were the one that impressed upon Craig how important it is to *stay* you have to stay too. You marked me remember? Yours?

CraigyBaby01 (20:04:08): *frowning a little but not asking* please. I was strong enough to stay...please don't let me down...not now.

prettyorli (20:05:20): But I want to...I want to be more...I'm not enough and I just take...*Craig's words sinking in a little, I wearily rest my head against Viggo's chest,reaching out a hand to Craig* I really love you...

CraigyBaby01 (20:06:06): *gripping the hand tight, bringing it to my lips* then don't go...don't break my heart...please.

Viggo Rising (20:06:12): You don't just take love *I stroke his hair once he relaxes more against me--the embrace becoming more gentle, not a restraining one*

prettyorli (20:07:11): *I can't keep fighting. I'm too tired, my head is too heavy and blurred* I dont understand why you want me.

CraigyBaby01 (20:07:50): because we need you, maybe not for the reasons you think...but we do.

prettyorli (20:08:08): *quietly* why?

Viggo Rising (20:08:22): *I press a gentle kiss to your cheek, just holding you*

CraigyBaby01 (20:10:51): because we're like a three, and without one side we fall over, we don't fit right. I don't need you for strength or support, I need you to hold when things get too much, I need you because you see i me things I can't even fathom, and most importantly...because we love you. and I've never loved before...but I need to love you. We both do.

Viggo Rising (20:12:12): *I run gentle fingers through Orlando's hair, letting my hand drop to the back of his neck and rubbing slightly* I love you, little elf.

prettyorli (20:12:31): *closing my eyes, leaning against Viggo, reaching for Craig. What the fuck have I done?* I love you. I don’t want to go away. I never wanted to go away...

CraigyBaby01 (20:13:26): Then stay...please...please stay with us. where you belong

prettyorli (20:13:54): *sighing* I've done it again, haven’t I?

CraigyBaby01 (20:14:26): done what pet?

prettyorli (20:14:49): fucked up...

Viggo Rising (20:15:43): Very nearly so *My voice is teasing though as I kiss his neck* But you're back now--so long as you stay, no harm is done. We need you though, you can't just run off without talking to us

CraigyBaby01 (20:20:08): *leaning against both of you, breathing a sigh of relief then wincing a little*we just need to be here for each other, we can't hide.

Viggo Rising (20:20:23): It's my fault, not yours Orlando

prettyorli (20:22:53): If...*looking up at Viggo* If you want me to be here, you have to be here too. properly....I need a drink.

Viggo Rising (20:23:29): I know... *And I do, I'm not just saying that* I'll try, I'll try to be better about it. And the only drink you're getting is tea or coffee

CraigyBaby01 (20:24:19): I put the kettle on, it should have boiled by now...I'll go

prettyorli (20:24:54): Coffee with brandy in? *hopefully* Hair of the dog?

Viggo Rising (20:25:01): Thank you Craig... *I feel bad letting him go, he's in so much pain, but I don't want to move Orlando off my lap either*

Viggo Rising (20:25:06): No, no alcohol

Viggo Rising (20:25:09): You've had more than enough

prettyorli (20:25:42): How do you know? *blinks up hazily*

Viggo Rising (20:26:37): Because you reek of it and you were staggering stone cold drunk out into traffic

prettyorli (20:28:02): Traffic? I was in the airport. I was...singing...

Viggo Rising (20:28:11): And we found you in the middle of the road....

Viggo Rising (20:28:40): You could have been killed, and we really would have lost you and I could not have handled that. I want you safe and with us

prettyorli (20:29:55): With you...*wriggling slightly, settling closer against Viggo* Comfortable.

Viggo Rising (20:30:37): Yes, with us. *I wrap my arms a bit more tightly about Orlando, ignoring the pain I'm feeling--none of that matters right now* I need you

prettyorli (20:31:44): I love you. *starting to drift slightly*

Viggo Rising (20:32:10): I love you too, you've got to promise never to run off like that again. I promise to try to be more open about how I feel...

CraigyBaby01 (20:41:23): *holding you both close, feeling the panic I've felt since I woke up ebb away*

prettyorli (20:42:55): sorry. so so sorry...

Viggo Rising (20:43:47): You don't have to apologise--saying you'll not do it again is enough

CraigyBaby01 (20:43:55): It's okay love. you're here now, that's all that matters, you're home *sighing*

prettyorli (20:45:04): I'm home. I wont....*covering my eyes with one hand* be so fucking stupid...

Viggo Rising (20:45:16): You aren't stupid, you were just confused, and you meant well.....

prettyorli (20:46:24): I was insane! Think I'd have died before I got to London.
Missed you when I was just half way down the road...

CraigyBaby01 (20:46:25): *pulling the hand away, kissing your lips softly* it's okay love. you're safe now.

Viggo Rising (20:47:59): Well I'm glad we found you then, even if you were playing in traffic. You scared me half to death though

prettyorli (20:48:28): *soft laugh against Craig's lips* Still dont remember the traffic..

Viggo Rising (20:49:44): Maybe that's best.....

CraigyBaby01 (20:50:19): *moving to kiss your cheek* love you. *murmuring against your skin*

prettyorli (20:51:17): I love...*wincing*oh are you feeling?

CraigyBaby01 (20:52:25): * biting my lip* I took another pill just now, it's fading a bit.

prettyorli (20:53:23): *I'm the worst fucking person in the whole fucking world. I sit up hurriedly, blinking back the dizziness* Go to bed...Im so fucking sorry. Bed.

CraigyBaby01 (20:54:38): I'm okay...just a bit strained that's all. we need to get you sobered up.

Viggo Rising (20:55:10): Maybe you should both go to bed? *I suggest with a quiet laugh, which ends in a slightly pained groan*

prettyorli (20:55:42): *looking at you both* We need to hire a fucking nurse. Bed! Bed bed bed!

Viggo Rising (20:56:12): *I can't say what is really on my mind though, that I'm reluctant to let Orlando out of my sight, to maybe fall asleep and wake up to find him gone*

CraigyBaby01 (20:56:26): I think that's a good plan, bed and no alarm set at all.

prettyorli (20:57:34): I just need a glass of water...*glancing at Viggo* Then you can strap me down if you want. *giggling*

Viggo Rising (20:57:43): *I smile softly, stroking Orlando's hair, squeezing Craig's hand* ALright, let's go upstairs....

Viggo Rising (20:57:45): Don't tempt me

CraigyBaby01 (20:58:59): *getting up from the couch, arm holding my ribs* I think I need re-straping, it all came a bit lose.

Viggo Rising (20:59:33): We need to rewrap Orlando's hand too, so we'll do all that upstairs

prettyorli (20:59:53): *smile fading instantly* I'm such a fucking shit. *getting up far too quickly, collapsing and pulling myself up again.*

Viggo Rising (21:00:11): *I slide my arms around you* No more self deprecation, it doesn't suit you

CraigyBaby01 (21:00:45): *arm wrapping onto his other side* and I need to put more ointment on your bruises viggo

prettyorli (21:01:05): *sighs* I wish i could just kiss everything better.

Viggo Rising (21:01:24): Well, it's a start.....maybe not make it all better, but it would help...

CraigyBaby01 (21:01:42): and maybe after we sleep yeah?

Viggo Rising (21:02:07): Yeah, come on loves....

prettyorli (21:02:24): *smiles a small smile at Viggo* Yeah. Sleep and kisses. Kisses and sleep. *stretches up and kisses him gently, then frowns* and stairs...

Viggo Rising (21:02:51): *I return the kiss, stroking a hand down Orlando's back* Yes, stairs, but we'll get up them

CraigyBaby01 (21:04:08): *walking slowly to the stairs with you both* w2hy don't I have a lift again?

prettyorli (21:04:44): hmm. *smiles* I can do them, actually. Good at stairs. *nodding and dropping to his hands and knees at the foot of them, climbing catlike, having learnt this is the safest way, when drunk, from experience*

CraigyBaby01 (21:05:27): *tries to laugh* oww! that's funny!

Viggo Rising (21:05:34): Is it bad I find him irresistibly sexy while doing that? *I ask Craig*

prettyorli (21:06:09): *padding steadily up the stairs, I look back and poke out my tongue* Used to do this when i was 14 and needed to get up without mum hearing me.

Viggo Rising (21:06:36): You were such a little hell cat weren't you? *I wrap an arm around Craig and help him up after our cat Orlando*

CraigyBaby01 (21:07:13): I think it's just fine love, I could stare at his arse for hours! *walking with you, helping each other up*

prettyorli (21:07:44): Yeah. and now you get to deal with me. *giggling as I reach the top and disappear into the bathroom, holding my mouth under the tap*

Viggo Rising (21:08:13): I don't considering it 'dealing with you' *I get Craig into the bedroom and sit down heavily on the bed for a moment*

CraigyBaby01 (21:09:26): *going to a drawer, getting out my first aid kit, getting out a bandage and my strapping and some ointment* I dunno, I quite like 'dealing with him' *impish grin*

Viggo Rising (21:09:52): He'll deserve a nice spanking after this, what do you say?

Viggo Rising (21:10:03): Let me help you with your ribs

prettyorli (21:10:21): *gulping down the water, not having realised quite how dehydrated I was, and filling a beaker before going back, leaning on the doorframe a little unsteadily*

CraigyBaby01 (21:11:09): *handing you the scissors, lifting my arms* definitely!

Viggo Rising (21:11:54): *Cutting the wrappings away, I quickly begin to rewrap them before it can hurt too much* How's that love?

prettyorli (21:12:30): *just watching, sipping slowly, watching you care about each other*

CraigyBaby01 (21:12:36): *lowering my arms, nodding* better, thanks. I should be fine in a couple of days now.

Viggo Rising (21:13:00): Your turn, get over here little elf, let me look at that hand

prettyorli (21:14:33): *stepping forward with an odd kind of wobbly grace, certainly a lot less steady on two feet than four* My fingers have gotten all bruised...*confused by this*

Viggo Rising (21:14:59): You punched a door through, it's to be expected. Sit down before you fall down. HOw do they *feel*?

prettyorli (21:16:13): *drops onto the edge of the bed and squeezes his bad hand with his good one. Observing a little quietly* They dont.

Viggo Rising (21:16:32): At all?

Viggo Rising (21:16:45): *I frown, that's not good* Okay, that's it--you're seeing a doctor

CraigyBaby01 (21:16:57): *moving to kneel on the bed behind Orli, holding his upper arms, kissing between his shoulder blades soothingly*

prettyorli (21:17:10): Not right now Vig. Morning...its not like it hurts.

Viggo Rising (21:17:30): I didn't mean this instant, it's late anyway. Tomorrow though, you're going

prettyorli (21:17:54): *nods* yeah, okay. Haven’t actually felt any pain since it happened.

Viggo Rising (21:18:11): We should have taken you to the doctor immediately

CraigyBaby01 (21:18:44): Oh Orli *sighing* okay...we've got to learn to actualy talk to each other!

prettyorli (21:18:46): I figured it was just the pills. Maybe it is.

Viggo Rising (21:19:40): You're still going

prettyorli (21:20:06): *nods* yeah. I think we could all use going.

Viggo Rising (21:20:27): I'm just bruised, nothing that won't heal up on it's own. If you've broken something though it needs setting

prettyorli (21:22:10): *flopping my hand from the wrist* Dont think I have....can we got to bed now? Please? Please please? Ill be good...

Viggo Rising (21:22:39): Alright, alright--we can go to bed

CraigyBaby01 (21:23:18): I need to put some more stuff on your bruises Viggo, won't take a second

Viggo Rising (21:23:50): *I start to protest, but bite it off, simply nodding, pulling m shirt off*

CraigyBaby01 (21:24:27): *kissing your shoulder before re-applying over all the bruises I did earlier, rubbing it in gently* okay, all done.

prettyorli (21:24:37): *hissing slightly at the sight of Viggo's chest, hugging myself as I watch*

Viggo Rising (21:25:03): Thanks *My gaze goes to Orlando* It's okay love, really

prettyorli (21:25:30): *small smile* will be.

Viggo Rising (21:25:45): Yes

CraigyBaby01 (21:26:16): just gotta wash my hands *walking into the bathroom, not turning on the light, washing quickly and going back into the bedroom, smiling at you two*

Viggo Rising (21:26:58): *I'm so exhausted, it's really catching up with me now, it really took it all out of me, carrying Orlando around like I had*

CraigyBaby01 (21:28:10): *walking over to the bed, taking off my trousers, putting on a t-shirt quickly* room for a little one in there?

Viggo Rising (21:28:41): Always..... *I shift into a laying position, waiting for both my lovers to arrange themselves*

prettyorli (21:28:48): Only if you snuggle up tight. *smiling*

CraigyBaby01 (21:30:25): umm. is it okay...if I go in the middle?

Viggo Rising (21:31:12): That's fine with me love

prettyorli (21:32:14): Its required. *kissing you as you lay down* I'm so sorry, love.

CraigyBaby01 (21:32:20): *small smile, looking up to check the windows are all
shut tight, that the door is shut, crawling over the bed gently to snuggle under the covers between you*

Viggo Rising (21:32:48): *I slide an arm around Craig's waist, closing my eyes though I'm not quite ready to sleep*

CraigyBaby01 (21:33:24): don't be sorry now, you're here. that's all that matters. *kissing you gently*

prettyorli (21:33:46): *wrapping both arms around Craig, but only lightly, snuggling tight against him and closing my eyes, dizziness and weariness fighting in my head*

Viggo Rising (21:34:51): I love you both

CraigyBaby01 (21:35:26): *turning my head to kiss your lips* I love you too Viggo.

Viggo Rising (21:36:02): *I smile tiredly, caressing Craig's face*

CraigyBaby01 (21:36:57): *one hand on Orli's chest, the other reaching to your face, smiling contenedly*

Viggo Rising (21:36:58): *I stretch my arm across Craig, grabbing Orlando's good hand*

prettyorli (21:37:09): *little sleepy murmer*

Viggo Rising (21:37:27): Sleep well my pretty elves

prettyorli (21:37:55): not me tooo much going on...

CraigyBaby01 (21:38:55): Sweet dreams dirty ranger! *closing my eyes*

Viggo Rising (21:39:21): *It takes me longer than I would have thought, but finally I drift into a deep, uneasy sleep*

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