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Evening, and Viggo's not the only one hiding his hurts.

Viggo Rising: *I stand by as the locksmith finishes up the last lock on the outer doors of the house and installs the last dead bolt. No one is getting in this house easily unless invited. And I'm seriously considering taking up the idea of an alarm system with Craig when he's more lucid. I pay the man and he's on his way, the new keys safely in my hand, which I pocket. With a sigh, I run my hands through my hair. Orlando is upstairs with a still sleeping Craig, and I
take a few minutes, and a few Ibuprofen, before heading back up to them, rapping gently on the doorframe, watching Orlando with his book*

prettyorli: *crosslegged on the bed, I look up, smile and beckon* All done? Want to wake up sleeping beauty?

Viggo Rising: *I move into the room, leaning over Orlando and placing a light kiss on his lips, reaching over him to lightly touch Craig's head* Yes, I want to try and get him to eat something. All the locks have been changed, and dead bolts installed*

CraigyBaby01: *murmuring slightly at the touch, frowning a little, toes twitching*

prettyorli: *smiles* dead bolts. Very prison chic. Oooh, we could make soup....if we had soup ingredients and lots of time...we could make tinned soup? *puts the book down and stretches out alongside Craig, catching Viggo's other hand and tugging him lightly down*

Viggo Rising: *I let Orlando pull me down, carefully situating myself, still hurting quite a bit, though to my credit I hide it admirably* Yes well, it doesn't have to look nice, just keep us safe. And tinned soup I'm sure we can do. We'll see if he's hungry

CraigyBaby01: Hmm...? *head turning on the pillow, meaningless murmurs from my lips*

prettyorli: Good plan. And then we'll make him eat anyway....*leaning closer to Craig* Going to come back to us, love? Time to wake up...

CraigyBaby01: *hand reaching out a little towards you, clenching and unclenching on the border of dreams and waking* ten minutes more...

Viggo Rising: *I chuckle, Craig sounds like a little boy begging for more time before school*

prettyorli: *giggles* Thats ten minutes less kissing time, Craig. Come on starshine, open those baby blues for us?

CraigyBaby01: *yawning widely, eyes snapping open, sleepy happy smile on my face* is it morning already?

Viggo Rising: Not exactly, it's evening

CraigyBaby01: Hmm? *half sitting, bemused, looking out the window seeing the late sunset* where'd the day go?

Viggo Rising: You slept it away, but that's alright, you needed the rest. How are you feeling?

CraigyBaby01: Bleary. achey. *looking at orli, my hand reaching out for yours, stroking the wrist a little* how's the hand?

prettyorli: *grins sheepishly* Can't feel it. And...can't exactly remember how bad it was in the first place. But it doesnt hurt, so thats a good thing.

CraigyBaby01: *grins a little dopily, noticing the blackness of your pupils* you've been on my pills haven't you?

prettyorli: *I poke my tongue out at you* Theyre a trip. Should sell 'em.

CraigyBaby01: Dafty! *reaching out to stroke your face gently* they're prescription ones, pretty strong, Dr Roberts only gives me a small dose each time because they're pretty spacey!

Viggo Rising: *I lay on my back, watching the ceiling as I listen to them talk, just enjoying the sounds of their voices*

prettyorli: *smiles softly and leans forward to kiss your cheek* I was on morphine for a week in hospital once. That was spacey. I think I scared Viggo though, wasnt up and annoying him like usual.

CraigyBaby01: and you do annoying so well! *chuckles, turning to face Viggo, kissing his shoulder, still half out of it* Penny for your thoughts?

Viggo Rising: Eh, they're not worth a penny right now, just enjoying the sound of your voices, worrying a bit. You know, the usual. *I touch Craig's face gently, realising both he and Orlando are still half stoned*

CraigyBaby01: *nuzzling your shoulder a bit, kissing it gently* Don't worry Lovely Viggy. we're okay. Craigy promises.

prettyorli: He's a worrier. We've established that. *nods and smiles*

Viggo Rising: Alright, I'll try--no more worrying--since it seems to bother you both *I smile softly, enjoying the gentle touches* Right now though, we want you to try and eat something

CraigyBaby01: *small frown, ducking my head down, nudging under your arm as if hiding* don't wanna

prettyorli: *leaning over* Oh Craig! We were going to cook for you and everything!

Viggo Rising: *I slide my arm around Craig* But you need to....

CraigyBaby01: *poking my nose out a little* you are? um...what was you going to cook?

prettyorli: I was going to show off my talents at heating up tinned stuff. Or watching Viggo heat up tinned stuff.
Takes skill, you know.

Viggo Rising: The real skill is in liberating it from the tin

prettyorli: Yes, requires expert wrist action.

CraigyBaby01: tinned stuff? *sniffs* sounds nasty. *pouting a little, then thinking, tongue poking into the corner of my mouth* can I have pudding? Craigy likes pudding.

Viggo Rising: I'm sure we can arrange pudding if that's what you want, if you'll eat

CraigyBaby01: *blinking up at you, face full of honesty* I'll try.

prettyorli: *half smiles at them both, carefully memorising both their faces*

CraigyBaby01: *hand coming up to my face, trying to rub away the drug induced sleep state* can I take the tape off my ribs? I need a shower.

Viggo Rising: Yeah, I'll wrap them back up after you shower if you want.

CraigyBaby01: *turning back to Orli* care to help me whilst Viggo makes pudding?

Viggo Rising: *I carefully get out of bed, having been designated the one to cook again--it's okay though, I do it to myself, I'm always the one offering. I leave them to Craig's shower, going downstairs to see if I can get Craig what he wants out of what we have on hand*

prettyorli: *I fold my arms and study Craig's chest* That binding is going to hurt when it comes off, you know. Need help standing?

Viggo Rising: *The Ibuprofen isn't really doing a whole lot for the pain I'm having a harder time ignoring, taking one of Craig's pills actually seems like a very tempting idea, but one of us needs to be fully coherent. I just put it out of my mind as best I can, getting dinner ready, making coffee for myself*

CraigyBaby01: *watching Viggo walk out, wondering if he's always this silent. I've not really known him that well to know* hmm? oh yeah. just cut it down both sides and peel it off.
*not really wanting to go into details of why I know* yeah, a hand up would be good.

Viggo Rising: *Sipping my coffee, the pudding isn't too far from being ready, but I stay in the kitchen to keep an eye on it*

prettyorli: *gets up and goes round the bed, Offering both his arms for Craig to pull himself up on* We'll be able to compete for whose had the most breaks soon. Ive done in my ribs twice, both legs, toe, finger...

CraigyBaby01: *getting up slowly with your help* the doc said it was just a fracture, nothing too bad really. *holding my arms up* Scissors are in that drawer *nodding*

prettyorli: *collecting the scissors and trimming neatly down one side, pulling the bandages away, knowing it will ache like buggery as the ribcage is allowed to relax, and so slips an arm around Craig
as he snips down the other side* How're you doing?

CraigyBaby01: *clenched jaws* mmu-muuh *breathing shalowly*

prettyorli: *tosses the scissors on the bed and holds him up with both arms* Dont sit down. Just get adjusted to it for a minute.

CraigyBaby01: *breathing steadily, eyes clenched, gradualay relaxing.* *small sounding* oww!

prettyorli: Yeah. I bet it's ow. *kisses his forhead, rubbing his bandaged hand in slow, soothing circles on Craig's back*

CraigyBaby01: *nodding slowly, calming down* s'okay now. *still sounding fragile* lets get me wet and clean quick.

prettyorli: *This is usually Viggo's job, the supporting and helping. The being strong. All this is doing is making me realise why, as I help Craig across the room and into the shower, unwrapping my own bandage quickly and without pain, dropping the bloodies thing on the floor and not looking to see thedamage to my hand as I reach with the other to turn on the water*

Viggo Rising: *I leave the pudding to cool and head back upstairs to check on Craig and Orlando are doing*

CraigyBaby01: *shuffling into the thankfully large shower stall, leaning one arm against the wall, facing into the water, getting soaked under the forceful water*

prettyorli: *pulls his shirt off, stepping out of the rest of his clothes and hurrying to join Craig, an arm gently round his waist* Water helping any?

CraigyBaby01: *not turning, just lifting my head up, other hand reaching for the gel* it's certainly healping me feel better, I still feel all blood caked in places

prettyorli: *feels a slight sting across my stomach, remembering why as I run my hand down. Shit. * I'll get it....you...you just stay where you are *I move behind Craig, reaching for the gel myself, and quickly beginning to rub it over his back* Let me do it all....

Viggo Rising: *I hear the shower as I enter, and comtemplate joining them, moving to the door, seeing them through the shower stall*

CraigyBaby01: *smiling, still not quite with it properly, leaning back into the touch a little* Mmmmm... feels lovely.

prettyorli: Good...*realxing a little myself, hoping I can manouver this without Craig seeing Viggo's little work of art. I massage gently in the places I know he's not bruised, running light fingers over the places I know he is, then pressing close against his back, reaching round him to run soapy hands up his chest*

Viggo Rising: Are you two okay?

CraigyBaby01: *hearing Viggo over the water* yeah, I'm just being cleaned up. I don't think I can stay in here too long, the steam is getting to my chest.

Viggo Rising: Alright, I'll just be out here, the pudding is cooling downstairs

prettyorli: *reaches up into Craig's hair, quite enjoying the gentle cleaning process, calling out to Viggo* What flavour is it?

Viggo Rising: Chocolate *I move back into the bedroom, carefully laying down on the bed with a pained sigh*

CraigyBaby01: *both hands resting on the back shower wall, trying not to breathe to deep, glad of the drugs still in my system to calm me down*

prettyorli: *reaching up to turn off the water, seeing that it's getting too much for Craig* Its alright, we're all done now. Clean and sparkly. *quietly* Do you need Viggo?

Viggo Rising: *The sound of the shower is almost lulling, though I don't quite fall asleep, I drift a bit, allowing myself to try and relax*

CraigyBaby01: *shaking my head, turning around, wet hair dripping over my eyes* no...I'm just fine with you thanks. *looking straight into your eyes, smiling*

prettyorli: *smiles widely to mask sad eyes* Well lets get you wrapped up in warm towels before you catch cold then. *kisses you softly, brushing your hair back, and pushes open the shower door*

CraigyBaby01: *walking out of the stall, blinking slightly, pain sparking at the edges of my mind* *reaching for a towel, wrapping it around myself*

prettyorli: *I should have held him up. Viggo would have held him up....a little late, I move to collect another towel, rubbing Craig's hair and patting it gently over his torso, his ribs can't be rebound when wet* Your chest will feel better rebound and with some chocolate inside it, promise. *I drop a kiss onto Craig's shoulder as I dry it.*

CraigyBaby01: And I'll try to keep it down. as much as I can. *eyes closed after having caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror, not wanting to see the bruises*

prettyorli: You'll be fine. He's right, you do need to eat. *wrapping the now damp towel around my own waist and securing it, I move to support Craig and help him back into the bedroom*

CraigyBaby01: *walking back in, leaning more than I'd like to on you*

prettyorli: *a very slight catch in my breath as I take your weight, seeing Viggo stretched out on the bed* Vig?

CraigyBaby01: *leaning against a high chest of drawers as soon as I can, not wanting to burden you anymore than I have to* *eyes still closed, breathing slowly*

Viggo Rising: *I open my eyes when I hear Orlando's voice* Yes? *I go ahead and start to get up, to give Orlando a hand if he needs it*

Viggo Rising: *My brow creases worriedly at how much pain Craig is in, moving over to his other side* Let me help, please?

prettyorli: *steps back a little as Viggo takes over. I shouldnt have tried...should have asked him to help before. Still, Craig will be alright, now.*

Viggo Rising: Orlando, will you give me a hand, we'll get him into bed and bring the pudding up

CraigyBaby01: *feeling you come up, nodding quickly, feeling more than a little faint* *concerned* Orli, don't forget to re-wrap your hand up too love.

Viggo Rising: I'll make sure he does Craig, let's just get you laid down and get you wrapped back up too, don't worry love.

CraigyBaby01: *shaking my head* do my ribs first, it's easier standing

prettyorli: *I glance absently at it, some of the newly washed cuts bleeding slightly* Its fine. *uses the other arm to support Craig, moving behind him* lean back on me, Vig can do the binding.

CraigyBaby01: thanks. *leaning back against Orli, relaxing instantly into his touch*

Viggo Rising: *I get the things we need to rewrap Craig's ribs and as gently as is possible in such a thing, I wrap them up again, kissing him lightly when I'm done* I'm sorry if I hurt you...

CraigyBaby01: *shaking my head* no...it's fine. feels better already. *turning to kiss Orli's cheek* thanks love

prettyorli: *I smile softly* Didn't do anything. Back to bed with you then, sleeping beauty?

CraigyBaby01: you did plenty. my comfort. *smiling, walking feeling a lot cleaner and easier back to the bed*

Viggo Rising: Now I'm doing your hand Orlando

CraigyBaby01: *getting slowly into bed, sliding between the sheets, sighing as I lean back against the headboard*

prettyorli: *sits on the bed obediently, one hand running lightly down Craig's arm, the other held out to Viggo* I'm not sure it needs it. *though i dont really want to look closely at it and see* It honestly doesnt hurt at all.

CraigyBaby01: That's because you're still high as a kite!

prettyorli: *rolling my eyes* I am not! *I grin and pinch myself* There! Felt that! *wails of mock pain* Owwwwww.

CraigyBaby01: *chuckling* *hissing at the pain in my chest* oww!

prettyorli: *frowns* Thats it. more knock out drops for you when you've eaten. And no laughing. Don't even want to see a smile. *I smirk* Love you.

Viggo Rising: *I clean Orlando's hand gently, then wrap it back up, kissing his knuckles gently* There you are love...

CraigyBaby01: mmm, love you too Orli. but this is the last lot I take...tomorow I'll go clean. If I don't I'll only be stuck on them for ages!

Viggo Rising: Orlando, do you mind getting the pudding? I just need to be still for a few minutes

prettyorli: *frowns a little in concern, but hops up* Sure. Lie down. Have healing snuggles. I won't be long.

CraigyBaby01: *looks up at Orli* good. I don't think I want to go too long without you. *smiling*

Viggo Rising: Thanks *I offer Orlando a smile before settling on the bed next to Craig*

prettyorli: *blinks a little at Craig's words* Okay. *I turn and walk quietly down the stairs, the pills really have completely worn off by now, and my mind is racing*

CraigyBaby01: *blinking, trying to settle my mind and body down, not doing too good a job at it*

Viggo Rising: How are you doing love?

CraigyBaby01: I think I'll get back to you on that one!

Viggo Rising: That doesn't sound too good.

prettyorli: *in the kitchen, I scribble something furiously on a notepad, tucking the torn scrap of paper beneath a dish on the table, before carring two plates of pudding upstairs*

CraigyBaby01: Just everythings all woozy at the moment. the drugs help the pain but not my emotions if you know what I mean! *looking up as Orli enters*

Viggo Rising: Yeah, I understand... *I follow Craig's gaze to Orlando, smiling soflty*

prettyorli: Pudding! *I smile widely, holding out the plates* Tea for two. And, I'm just going to nip out. We're out of soy milk, and I need some fresh air. *I sense Viggo's objections coming* I won't go far, and I'll keep to the main streets, promise.

Viggo Rising: Take a cell phone, please. *I don't want him going at all, but I know I won't win this one and don't have the energy to argue*

prettyorli: I'll take mine. *pulling on clothes quickly, jeans, trainers, tee shirt* You both have the number, yeah? *I smile* I'll take the breadknife too, if you want.

CraigyBaby01: *taking the tray, resting it on my lap* the shops only about 5 mintes away, you know where it is right?

Viggo Rising: *I chuckle* You do that, just hurry back, alright?

prettyorli: I'll be no time at all. *I lean over the bed, pressing kisses to both your lips in turn* Love you. Love you.

Viggo Rising: Love you too, be careful, Orlando. Please.
Viggo Rising: *I remember the door* Wait

CraigyBaby01: *licking my lips* love you too Orli.

prettyorli: *I pause* Yes?

Viggo Rising: *Reaching into my pocket, I pull out the new keys* This is the new door key

prettyorli: Oh. *exhaling softly* Yeah. Thanks. You have a copy?

Viggo Rising: Yes, I do. Just lock up behind you if you will

prettyorli: Of course. *I nod.* Okay...Um...bye then. *little smile* Off into the outside world.

CraigyBaby01: Don't be too long love. bye. *smiles*

Viggo Rising: *I write the bad feeling I have about this off to paranoia. We can't hide in this house forever I know*

prettyorli: Dont worry, I'll be home soon....*I dissapear down the stairs, taking my cell phone, making a quick, quiet call, before turning it off and stuffing it down the back of the couch. I lock the door carefully behind me and whisper* Love you. *before hurrying off, catching the taxi waiting for me at the end of the road.*
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