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Viggo Mortensen

a quiet chat....

(continued from here...PG rating)

Viggo Rising (19:33:07): I know it seems bleak *I watch as Craig kisses my knuckles, other hand caressing his hair* But I'll take care of things, and we'll all get through this

CraigyBaby01 (19:34:15): You'll take care of things? I don't like the sound of that...I don't want you geting even more hurt...because of me.

Viggo Rising (19:34:57): I won't go looking for trouble, I promised you both that *It's the most I'm willing to give on that* I won't let him hurt you, or Orlando

CraigyBaby01 (19:36:13): *almost hiding my face behind your knuckles, your hand* I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I'm so sorry.

Viggo Rising (19:37:33): Shhh, no apologies, it's not your fault. It's not like you intended for any of this to happen, none of us did. So please, don't feel guilty. *I cup his face in my hand, rubbing my thumb lightly over his cheek*

CraigyBaby01 (19:41:19): But I brought it on myself, I should have learnt to say no to him ages ago, whilst it was still fun...before he got too bad. It wasn't always like this Viggo. he just started out like the rest...just one night.

Viggo Rising (19:42:29): *I shift, gingerly pulling him closer to me as he talks, willing to listen if he wanted to go on* Alright...what happened? *I'm pressing him gently, ready to ease off if he withdraws*

CraigyBaby01 (19:45:38): It started years ago *sighing* at a party..this bloke I'd been chatting up all night...I thought I'd got him then he just brushed me off, walked off with this bird. so there was I...and there was Barry. And I know he was my agent, and I shouldn't have, really I shouldn't. but he tweaked all the right buttons, he asked me something I really couldn't refuse.

Viggo Rising (19:47:34): Couldn't refuse? *I stroke Craig's hair, voice quiet*

CraigyBaby01 (19:49:27): *looking away, down, two bright red tinged spots appearing on my cheeks* I don't know how he knew...or if he just guessed right...but he.. *swallowing* he asked me to hurt him, to take our what I was feeling because of that chap on him.

Viggo Rising (19:50:06): *I touch the blushing spots on Craig's cheek, nodding slightly, I could understand that* There's no shame in that...but it changed didn't it?

CraigyBaby01 (19:55:07): yeah. he let me have my way...for a while. but then it all started getting to him, the pressure, the job. He um...he has a ex wife, two the tables turned. and I didn't mind for a while...I mean, you've seen some of the stuff in my wardrobe, some of it I don't mind being used on me, though I do prefer the other way. But then it became competely one sided, and it got worse, and worse, and he woulnd't stop. and...*shuddering deep breath* ...and...and it got so bad Viggo.

Viggo Rising (19:56:39): *I pull Craig closer, rocking him gently, stroking his hair* And you didn't know how to tell him to stop... it shouldn't hurt like that, and it won't ever again. I won't ever let him touch you again. *He'll have to go through me worse than he did today to get at you....But I don't say that....*

CraigyBaby01 (20:01:23): *shuddering in your arms, head bowed to your chest, tears dripping a little* I just wanted it to stop. I wanted my life back. and I tried to carry on...tried to be me. but it all became tainted somehow.

Viggo Rising (20:03:31): Not tainted, just hidden a bit. You're still in there, and you're wonderful. I love you, we both love you, more than anything. We'll help you get everything okay again, inside and out.

CraigyBaby01 (20:05:07): *lifting my head, smiling shyly* I don't know what you see in me, why you think I'm worth the bother.

Viggo Rising (20:06:35): Yes well, I see plenty in you and it's not about being worth the bother--because it's not a bother, not at all

CraigyBaby01 (20:08:34): *brushing my fingers over a bruise on your shoulder* but I got you hurt. *small smile, a little impish* and not in a good way.

Viggo Rising (20:09:28): No, you didn't get me hurt. Barry hurt me, you didn't cause that, it's entirely on his head. And I'll heal. *I return the smile softly* I'll let you hurt me in a good way later

CraigyBaby01 (20:11:34): *smile gets a little bigger, leaning up to kiss your nose* I'll hold you to that. *laying back, still in your arms but looking up at the ceiling, small frown, eyes wandering* I feel better. from telling you.

Viggo Rising (20:13:36): Yeah, it can be funny like that, talking about it does help--I'll always listen, no matter what it is. It won't ever make me love you any less. And you can hold me to it all you like, I trust you and I love you

CraigyBaby01 (20:19:30): *looking across at you* but...well. I've done lots of suff, stuff you'd probably never want to hear.

Viggo Rising (20:21:16): I want to hear anything you're willing to say, it might not always be easy--but I won't ever turn away. If it helps you to talk about it, then please do. None of us are innocents.

CraigyBaby01 (20:22:40): *calming sigh* yeah. I guess you've seen the world too huh!

Viggo Rising (20:24:07): Some of it, yes. *I kiss Craig's lips lightly* So don't be afraid to come to me

CraigyBaby01 (20:26:40): *snuggling down further* I won't, I promise. *yawning a little, eyes fluttering shut, my legs twining with yours*

Viggo Rising (20:30:05): *I hum softly as Craig starts to drift off, glad that he's getting some rest again, holding him, stroking his hair, my voice is a whisper when I respond* I love you
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