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Continued from Here

(Contains graphic images, not sex but still violence, don't read if this squicks you)

prettyorli: *It was a fairly ordinary ceiling. Not really worth the four hours of intense scrutiny I've subjected it to. God my eyes ache. But I can't sleep. Can't, don want to...whichever. Every so often my eyes flicker down to Craig's sleeping form, watchful for any sign of movement*
CraigyBaby01: *whimpering as I try to turn over, ribs hurting, eyes slowly coming open*

viggorising: *The silence is about as bad as anything could be. I've started to say something a thousand times, but it always dies in my throat--I tell myself it's so I won't disturb Craig, but it's something else...* *I touch fingers to Craig's forehead gently* It's okay

prettyorli: Hey...shhh *shifting to hold Craig gently* Morning, starshine.

CraigyBaby01: *woozy headed, blinking slowly, licking my dry lips* What ran me over? *attempting to laugh, ending in an oww*

prettyorli: *small smile, stroking Craig's hair* Truck full of autograph hunters. We saved you from their camera wielding clutches.

viggorising: I think we could all use some tea, how does that sound?

CraigyBaby01: mmm, green tea would be good. Maybe I should get up?

prettyorli: Not too achey? Could eat in bed if you want?

viggorising: I'll bring it to you if you want, you don't have to get up if you don't want.

CraigyBaby01: I ache all over, but I hate staying in bed all day. Maybe I can slouch on the couch for a bit?

viggorising: I can do the couch, no problem. You think you can eat?

prettyorli: *sits up, waiting for Viggo to offer to carry him, smiles softly* Couch sounds good. we can watch bad movies...or soap operas.

CraigyBaby01: *hand moving to my stomach* I think that's a no...*rumbling* a definite no. As long as I'm not in the soaps that's fine!

prettyorli: *pouts* I suppose ones without you will do.

viggorising: Alright, you'll need to eat soon--maybe some soup later will agree with your stomach *I kiss Craig's forehead, then gently scoop him up*

CraigyBaby01: No. I want to walk down the stairs. Just to try. *kissing Viggo's cheek* please.

viggorising: Of course *I sit Craig gently on his feet, sliding an arm around him*

prettyorli: *rising quickly, I pull on some baggy white trousers and a white shirt and hurry round to their side of the bed* Shall I grab you some things?

CraigyBaby01: *pointing into a wardrobe* Just a robe from in there should do me, And I need you to help me putting some salve on whilst Viggo's doing food

prettyorli: Ja mein fuhrer. *I wink, scooping up a dark blue robe and settling it around Craig's shoulders* Your wish, my command.

CraigyBaby01: I'm glad you agree. *kissing Orli’s cheek, moving forwards slowly, out of the door and down the hallway*

prettyorli: *watching him, proud but hovering only a step behind him*

viggorising: *I'm right on his heels in case he needs me, next to Orlando*

CraigyBaby01: *gripping the banisters as I walk down the stairs, thanking whatever God that you two can't see the strained look on my face* there! did it!

Viggo Rising: Yes, you did *I smile tiredly, stroking Craig's hair* Now to the couch with you...I'll go put on tea

prettyorli:*I slip an arm round Craig's waist* You can escort me there, come on, then Ill tend to your war wounds.

viggorising: *I move into the kitchen, getting out the kettle and filling it with water and putting it on the burner. I watch the water through the window, watching the waves break on the shore*

CraigyBaby01: Thanks Orli, *pointing to a cupboard* the salves in there *nice and close to my corner I think, anxiety rising as I try not to look there, sitting on a sofa looking in another direction*

prettyorli: *I'm across the room and back in seconds, with a cursory glance at the half empty tube, not letting anything show on my face at its obvious regular use* Right my dear, lie back and think of the queen. *trying to lighten my voice, then I drop down beside Craig and give him a hug* I love you.

viggorising: *I also toast a muffin for Orlando, putting some of the non dairy butter on it. While the water is heating, I take it out to Orlando* You should eat too *I lay it on the table for him when he's done*

CraigyBaby01: *hugging Orli back as hard as I can* I know. *pulling the robe back off my shoulders* it's arnica based, it'll help the bruises, can't put it on broken skin though

prettyorli: *I make a non committal noise, knowing I won't eat Viggo's offering. Barely bother to look up at him* Oooh, arnica. My mum gets that from boots. Sugary little pill things I used to steal when I was a kid. *I kneel on the couch next to him and trace his bruises with my finger, then squeeze a little salve onto my hand* Lookout, its cold.

CraigyBaby01: Boots? as in a shoe shop? And I thought the American's were weird not the brits! It's okay, *not saying I'm used to it* do your worst.

viggorising: *I go back into the kitchen, noting how Orlando all but ignored the offering. I pull out a chair from the kitchen, sitting down heavily, just needing a moment--unable to go back out and watch as Orlando put the salve on. Maybe it's selfish of me, but I can't*

prettyorli: Boots is a chemist. *talking as I rub a little across a bruise on his cheek, then move across his shoulders and chest* I don't get it either. We also have superdrug, which I find a little over cheery. Yay medication...didn’t know this stuff came in tubes though. *trying to make distracting conversation as I move down further*

CraigyBaby01: mm, yeah, my Mother always used it on us as a kid. I've got some savlon if any of the cuts look infected. He wears a ring...*flinching* it cuts a bit sometimes.

prettyorli: Yeah...*doing a quick scan* Nothing too bad, all looks fairly clean. I think we can spare you. *smiles and dots a kiss to his lips* Want to lie down now?

CraigyBaby01: *putting the robe back on* I'm okay sitting, the ribs ache less if I do. umm, Viggo was getting some tea though.

prettyorli: Yeah...*I sigh softly* Want me to track it down?

CraigyBaby01: *rubbing the back of Orli's hand* make sure he's okay will you.

prettyorli: *quietly* I'll do my best. *small smile* Don't go you anywhere. Got my eye on you....*and I do, keeping the kitchen door open as I go to find vig, seeing him sitting in the kitchen**bluntly* Is it not done?

viggorising: *I look up when Orlando enters, realising I had forgotten about the water. I get to my feet, turning to the pot and grabbing for it, nearly burning myself before realising this particular kettle needed a mitt* Almost

prettyorli: Kay. Only Craig' was wondering.

CraigyBaby01: *reaching for the remote, eyes screwing shut a little as I lean back again, flicking the t.v. on, clicking through channels randomly*

viggorising: I'll be out in a minute *My back is to Orlando as I get out the cups, readying everything we need for tea*

prettyorli: Yeah....*I hesitate, tempted to just go back out* Um. Thanks for the muffin. Not really hungry. But thanks, yeah? You should eat *It's all I can think to say at the moment*

prettyorli: Later maybe...*I shift from foot to foot* Look, turn around will you?

CraigyBaby01: *trying not to look towards the door too much, not really concentrating on the telly though*

viggorising: *After I put the cups down and steel myself a bit, I turn to Orlando. He looks so young standing there*

prettyorli: *I lower my voice, finally making eye contact with the older man after a glance back to ensure Craig's not listening.* He's worried. About you. Wants me to make sure you're okay. *i shake my head, continuing even quieter* I'm not. Doubt you are. But we have to show him different. Cant let him down in this too...

viggorising: We didn't let him down Orlando, this is not our fault. It's not his fault. And we can pretend to be okay all we want, but he's not stupid and we shouldn't treat him like he is, like he won't know it's bothering us.

prettyorli: No he's not fucking stupid....*trying hard to control my voice* And nor am I. *don’t even notice my nails digging into my palm* Just because I can't carry him around and threaten to kill people like some fucking cowboy. Well fine Viggo. I'll just do what I can. You do what you want. *I swallow hard and turn to go*

viggorising: *I sit down heavily in the chair again, not even able to try and keep him from going. How did this all go so terribly wrong? I put my head in my hands, giving myself a few moments of self pity and self loathing--knowing when I'm done I’ll make the tea, I'll go back out and I'll be the strong one again. And I'll just deal with Orlando later*

CraigyBaby01: *stopping the channels on Shortland street, watching for a moment before flicking onwards, stopping on a cartoon channel, mindless drivel to pass the time by*

prettyorli: *dropping down onto the couch beside Craig, pulling my legs up underneath me and resting an arm around him* Tom and Jerry?

CraigyBaby01: I thought something futile to watch would be good. *looking towards the door* how is he?

viggorising: *I get up, pouring the tea into the cups. Everything I'm doing now, is for the two of them, and it's still not enough. Finding a tray after some digging, I sit everything on it. A few deep breaths and I feel like I've got at

prettyorli: He’s....*I look at Craig and pull him tighter* He’s trying to be strong. And he will be okay.

viggorising: least outward composure, and I take the tray out to where they are.*

CraigyBaby01: *looking up as you enter* Hey love. Tea smells good.

viggorising: Sorry it took so long, are you going to try some? Start with tea, small steps? I've got the non dairy creamer for you Orlando

prettyorli: Thanks. *making an effort, I reach out and take a cup* It does smell good.

CraigyBaby01: *taking a cup* thanks, black for me though, I don't think I could handle milk *taking a sip*

prettyorli: *just holding the cup, letting it warm my hand*

viggorising: *I take a cup as well, leaving it black and holding it between my hands, finally taking a seat*

CraigyBaby01: *rubbing my hand over Viggo's thigh as he sits, sipping quietly, watching the telly*

viggorising: *The touch relaxes me slightly and I let my eyes close for a moment, covering Craig's hand*

prettyorli: *I set the cup back on the tray quietly, untasted, watching the small contact, I wonder how long it will take before everything’s easy again. Because it has to. it has to.*

CraigyBaby01: *leaning a little on the sofa till I'm resting back against Orli, wanting, no, needing to feel both of you*

viggorising: *I sit my tea down at length, untouched, squeezing Craig's hand*

CraigyBaby01: *smiling, the tea calming me, I'm about to say something when the front doorbell rings, every muscle tensing up instantly, fingers digging into Viggo's thigh*

viggorising: I'll get it, stay here... *I refuse to think that bastard could have come back, and I'll be damned if he's coming in this house *Getting up, I move over to the door, opening the door cautiously*

prettyorli: Its alright Craig....*eyes following Viggo out of the room* It'll be the post or something.

CraigyBaby01: *leaning a little more into Orli, straining to hear what's happening at the door....

Barry01: "So you're the bastard that's fucking him now are you? hope you had a fun time patching him up after I had him last night!" *Barry leans against the frame smirking at Viggo*

viggorising: *I don't even think, the rage is there again, white and hot--and I punch the shit out of the bastard*

prettyorli: *wrapping my arms around Craig, the TV preventing me hearing clearly*

viggorising: You son of a bitch *My voice is an angry hiss*

Barry01: *holding his nose, wiping the blood off in one swipe, flicking it at Viggo* "Oh now I'm sure you can do better than that, if you want to tame that boy you're going to have to do much better, he begs so nicely. *grinning, punching Viggo in the stomach, walking past him into the house*

prettyorli: *now that carried, I want to run out to Viggo, but Craig comes first, I’m up, trying to pull him off the couch*

CraigyBaby01: *almost not breathing, feeling terrified as I hear Barry walk in, thin robe feeling way too inadequate right now, clinging onto Orli*

viggorising: *The only thing that keeps me on my feet is the knowledge of where he's headed and who's in there. I spin, grabbing Barry and slamming him against the wall* Get the fuck out of here or I swear to god I'll kill you

prettyorli: *whispering* Have to get you out...back door?

CraigyBaby01: *fighting the urge in me to crawl into my corner, eyes flitting to it, seeing the blood still staining the walls from yesterday* patio door...

Barry01: "I've every right to be here, the boys my concern, not yours" *eyes glaring into yours as one knee raises quickly*

viggorising: *I'm ready for him though, managing to not catch it fully* He's not your property *I hit Barry again, harder this time, ready to kill him*

prettyorli: *It might hurt, but he's going to have to move...* I half lift, half drag Craig across the room, tipping him into my arms as I fumble with the patio door, locked, eventually slamming a fist through one glass pane, reaching through with a bloodied hand to try and flip the lock*

Barry01: " Oh he's mine alright, you just ask him, ask him who he really belongs to, I've made him chant it often enough" *leaning in towards your face "Made him chant that he belongs to me whilst I fuck his arse till he can't move.* *hearing the noise, pushing Viggo off, quickly moving towards it* "He's not getting away from me"

viggorising: *I'm on him immediately, knocking him to the floor in the process, not caring what happens to me so long as Orlando and Craig are safe* Never again

CraigyBaby01: *wishing I could help more, feeling even more useless than ever, falling to my knees, crawling back into my corner as I see Barry and Viggo in the hallway. Feeling small and helpless*

prettyorli: Craig! For fucks sake! *The door swings open, but he's crawled away. I hurry over, ready t drag him again* You have to get out!

Barry01: *spitting up into Viggo's face* "Oh, you want him for yourself do you, think you're just going to ask for him back and I'll give him away? I don't think so somehow"

CraigyBaby01: *crawling back into my corner, hands wrapping over my head, usual position, humming and rocking slowly, blocking the world out*

prettyorli: *shaking him, no time to be gentle* Craig....Craig you have to....*shouting now* Craig! Get up! I need you to help me here! *arms round him, trying to pull him upwards*

viggorising: He's not property *I'm snarling, hitting Barry again, and again* He makes his own choices

Barry01: *surging up* "He doesn’t, he does what I tell him to do" *pushing Viggo into the wall, striding into the lounge, knowing exactly where Craig will be* "Oh now, here's a pretty one, think you can save him do you?" *Taking hold of Orli's bloody hand, pushing him away, staring down at Craig, kicking a boot against his leg*

prettyorli: *gripping the mans hand tightly, lifting it up and biting down on it hard, without even looking to see his face* Don't touch him!

viggorising: *My head cracks painfully against the wall, and I have to shake myself to clear it, moving after Barry as fast as I can, yanking him away from Craig and Orlando both*

prettyorli: *I duck back down to Craig as Barry is pulled back, lifting him with all my strength and backing across the room. He’s not going to sit there and take this*

viggorising: *I grapple with Barry a bit, taking a hit or two and getting a few of my own in*

CraigyBaby01: *toes curling, stomach cramping, every muscle tense, humming a nameless tune, breathing through my nose, hands digging into my scalp as they wrap over my head, hardly even feeling Orli move me*

Barry01: *moving backwards as Viggo pulls, swinging around to punch violently any bit of skin or bone within reach, like a fast tornado in speed and venom*

viggorising: *I don't even notice the pain of the hits as Barry's fist connects with my body, nor the pain in my fist as I return a few of my own*

prettyorli: *I manage to get Craig though into the kitchen, his incessant humming worrying me, but maybe its best he's not really

prettyorli: present for this.* I love you...I love you...* i whisper horsely, still carrying him the best I can*

viggorising: *Another punch to Barry's head and he's nearly unmoving on the floor--a rational part of my mind says I should stop, but I continue to pound him a few more times, rage taking over*

CraigyBaby01: *Vaguely wondering where I am, beyond caring, rocking like a small child, beyond tired, even beyond tears*

Barry01: Skull banging back against the floor a few times, realising this man has bested him...for now. Staggering up to his feet, dragging out of the door* "You win this round, I'll be back."

viggorising: *Adrenaline still carrying me, I stagger over to Orlando and Craig* Are you okay?

CraigyBaby01: *almost unaware you're there, starting to whimper a bit as my ribs are aching again, one word breaking through the babble and humming* pills?

viggorising: *I can't get my wits about me, but after a moment, I nod, staggering to my feet again. I slam the front door, dead bolting it and getting the bottle from the table, moving back in and giving two to Craig* Just two, I don't want you to go away completely.....
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