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CraigyBaby01: *waking up fast, lungs filling, sitting up, really wishing I hadn't as everything comes flooding back, everything that happened yesterday, everything he did, feeling my stomach heave a little as I see one of my arms, cruel bruises dotted on it, black and blue, not really wanting to see any further. Hand coming up to clamp over my mouth, head spinning*

prettyorli: *I haven’t slept a wink, and the movement beside me alerts me instantly, my eyes blinking open.* Craig? *sitting up beside him, one arm wrapping round his back, to support him*

CraigyBaby01: *shuddering a little at the touch, not wanting to but my body reacting instinctively* *murmuring through my hand* Sick...gonna..

prettyorli: Viggo! *calling, knowing he can't be far, at the same time moving to try and help ease Craig out of bed* Just hold onto me...

viggorising: *I'm still sitting in the bathroom, on the cool linoleum. When I hear the cry, I'm on my feet and out in a flash, wiping tears out of my eyes--terrified something else has happened*
viggorising: *I relax slightly when I see it's just Orlando trying to help Craig up. I go to Craig's other side, sliding an arm around him*

CraigyBaby01: *gripping on tight with my other hand, the drugs worn off now, every ache in my body stinging to my core as I try to get up*

prettyorli: Its alright...Need to get him to the bathroom....*my free arm reaches for the pill bottle as we lift Craig together*

viggorising: *I hold Craig gingerly but firmly, guiding him into the bathroom with Orlando's help* It's okay love...

CraigyBaby01: Oh god! *the room spinning completely, head drooping stomach heaving inside me, opening my eyes as we get into the bathroom, realising vaguely that they both work today, ...
CraigyBaby01: almost falling to the ground in front of the toilet, retching into the bowl, gripping the sides*

viggorising: *I hold his shoulders steady, rubbing his back as he heaves, glancing at Orlando worriedly*

prettyorli: *I fumble with the pill bottle, trying to focus on the instructions for taking them. I know they'll just knock him out again, but perhaps that’s best, as I
prettyorli: watch him shiver and retch, one hand absently stroking his side.* Its alright Craig, get it out and we'll go back to bed, love. Its okay. We're here.

CraigyBaby01: *gulping in air as the contents of my stomach finish emptying, mostly bile, stinging my throat, reaching up to flush it, head feeling as if it's packed full of cotton wool, arms dropping to the floor, feeling empty inside*

viggorising: *I pull Craig to me and hold him gingerly, stroking his hair* It's okay baby, it's okay

prettyorli: *filling a beaker with water from the sink and offering it to him* Here, try and drink this, angel.

CraigyBaby01: *leaning back against Viggo, feeling his strength. taking the water, sipping a little, reaching my other hand out to Orli, needing his comfort* I'm sorry.

viggorising: Don't be sorry...

prettyorli: *moving in closer, surrounding Craig in my own arms* Don't you every be sorry for anything. *pressing a soft kiss to his cheek*

CraigyBaby01: *smiling a little as I feel the love you have for me* I Just.... *gulping in air* I just wish I could have been strong enough to fight him off, I tried...I... *lowering my head as if in defeat, crying silently*

viggorising: oh's not your fault

prettyorli: *nuzzling my head against Craig’s* Please, please Craig don’t think like that. You said no, no should have been enough. No one should ever hurt you for saying no.

prettyorli: We should have been here to help. I'm so sorry we weren’t here.

viggorising: *I bury my face in Craig's hair, simply holding him gently*
viggorising: It's not his fault, or your fault, or my fault--it's that bastard's fault. If we let guilt eat us up, then we'll only be hurt more.

CraigyBaby01: *breathing in, shuddery* I know...I just...feel so useless... *reaching for the pills in Orli's hand* I should probably...

viggorising: You aren't useless, don't ever think you're useless

prettyorli: *I glance at Viggo. He knows it and I know. We should have been there.**nodding to Craig, I unscrew the bottle* It says you can take two or four, love, what do you want?

CraigyBaby01: *sighing heavily* four. it'll knock me out for a few hours, maybe I'll feel better then.

prettyorli: *I tip them out into my palm and check he has water left* I hope so. We'll be right beside you when you wake. *Holding out my hand*

CraigyBaby01: *knocking back the tablets with ease, swallowing, drinking the rest of the water* Can you help me back to bed? *Trying not to look down at my own body, not wanting to be sick again*

viggorising: I'll just carry you back
viggorising: *I get up first, carefully lifting Craig's body, cradling him to me*

prettyorli: *again I find myself following. And thinking about myself. I shake my head, and move round the bed, to help Craig settle into it*

CraigyBaby01: *settling in the middle of the bed, holding my hand out to Orli, not wanting to lose contact with him* you're both so good to me. I guess I'm not used to it!

viggorising: Nothing less than what you deserve love

prettyorli: And plenty of time to get used to it. *taking the hand and moving closer again*

CraigyBaby01: *gripping the hand hard* I hope so. I don't ever want to lose this. *looking at Orli, eyes still a little watery*

viggorising: *I sit down on the bed next to Craig, just feeling exhausted and sick myself*

prettyorli: *I lean in and, hesitantly, kiss Craig gently on the lips* I love you. Whatever happens, that will always always be true.

CraigyBaby01: *settling down against the pillows, aches gradually fading as the drugs kick in, looking over at Viggo, seeing the state he's in* Don't feel bad Viggo, please.

viggorising: *I stroke fingers over Craig's forehead gently* Don't worry about me

CraigyBaby01: *reaching up with my hand to capture Viggo's, cupping it to my cheek* But I do.

prettyorli: *no, no one is allowed to worry about Viggo, are they. I close my eyes for a second, and re open them, focusing on Craig* Just relax, love, we'll be okay.

viggorising: *I leave my hand against Craig's cheek, fingers caressing gently* I know you do, for now though just worry about feeling better

CraigyBaby01: *smiling, reaching my hand behind me to find Orli's, tugging him so he's spooning behind me, closing my eyes as the drugs kick in* Love you...both of you.

viggorising: I love you too, so much.

prettyorli: Love you too, angel. *Stroking Craig's shoulder gently, head nuzzling against his*

CraigyBaby01: *drifts off into a thankfully dreamless sleep*

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