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bad times

this post happens after this

prettyorli: *my stomach lurches slightly as I move further inside. It smells familliar, yet strange. I know the smell. Blood, blood and sex. * Oh God...

prettyorli: *I know but have to force the word out as I approach the huddled bundle in the corner* Craig?

CraigyBaby01: *not even noticing you are there, just rocking, humming*

Viggo Rising: *I"m right behind Orlando and already I know something is wrong. I grab his arm gently, keeping him close to me just in case. I hear the humming and pull Orlando with me* Craig?

CraigyBaby01: *tears falling constantly, running down my knees, mixing with blood*

prettyorli: *one hand gripping Viggos, nails digging tight into his palm as I reach Craiig, falling to my knees in a kind of shock, gently, gently lifting his face*

Viggo Rising: *I stand where I am behind Orlando for a moment, in shock--as a slow anger starts to build in me, I can't ever remember feeling this angry. And I know who did this, I know wihtout being told*

CraigyBaby01: *humming stops instantly you touch me, stilling myself, not even breathing, eyes closed*

CraigyBaby01: *small whisper* not again, please not again

prettyorli: *my stomach churns again, lurching hard. This is our fault. Should have been here, should never have let him go.*, no...*Hot tears of my own prick at my eyes, scared to touch him, scared not to*

CraigyBaby01: *head twitching slightly at your touch, words finaly reaching my ears, still ringing with insults*

Viggo Rising: *I watch both of my lovers, devastated and in tears, Craig bloody in a way he should never be bloody. My fists clench in my anger. There are no tears on my face, only this anger.* Where does he live?

prettyorli: Wait, Viggo...*I whisper* Craig, look at me, look at me. *moving my own head so you dont have to* Open your eyes, please, dont let him in.....

CraigyBaby01: *breathing shalowly, eyebows frowning a little, realising you are not him, he's not come back to gloat on his handiwork. Opening my eyes slowly, one only half opening, swollen and bruised*

prettyorli: Oh love...*shaking, tears falling unnoticed. My arms wrap gently round Craig before I can help myself.* Oh God....*rational thoughts flicker through my head, hospital, police...but all I can do is hold him*

CraigyBaby01: *first instinct is to push away, but my hands only get as far as your shirt front before my brain kicks in, clenching tight in your shirt, tears falling anew*

Viggo Rising: I'll kill him.. *My rage is white hot, how dare that bastard do dare he hurt Craig. My voice is calm though, icey*

prettyorli: The cool tone of Viggo's voice sends a chill through me, as Craig's hot tears burn as they fall against my neck. I don't know what to do here...what can anyone do. My voice breaks as I speak* And leave us alone, Viggo? No...* I gasp in a painful breath* Needs for him. *a hand brushes lightly through Craigs hair, keeping my eyes on his as I let him cling to me*

CraigyBaby01: *starting to sob, breathing coming in fits and starts* *a bare whisper* I said no.

Viggo Rising: *I close my eyes at those words, kneeling next to Craig, placing a hand on his head.* I had no doubt, baby

CraigyBaby01: Why? Why didn't he listen?

Viggo Rising: Because he's an animal... *I let my hand move from Craig's head to his back, rubbing gently* And he won't do it again.

prettyorli: *Idont plan to ever let Craig out of my sight again, out of my arms, grip tightening only slightly, sensitive to the bruises battering his body* We should never have left you...*I cant help voiceing the thought haunting me*

CraigyBaby01: I just wanted to carry on with my life, to be normal. *deep breath* shit! I think he cracked a rib.

prettyorli: We should go to hospital. The police. Something...*I look at Viggo*

Viggo Rising: He's right Craig, you need a doctor

Viggo Rising: And this isn't our fault Orlando, and it's not Craig's either.

CraigyBaby01: If I go to the hospital it'll get in the papers.

Viggo Rising: Do you have a GP that you trust?

CraigyBaby01: *nodding, wincing at the pain* Dr. Roberts, in the black address book in my desk

Viggo Rising: *I get up, not wanting to leave them, but knowing that Orlando will look after him for the moment. Retrieving the book, I get the number for Dr. Roberts, but not before I get the address for that piece of shit agent. Going back out I kneel next to Craig again* YOu want me to see if he'll come here or are you up to going?

prettyorli: *at least hes back with us. The lost look in his eyes that so scared me isnt there anymore. God, he's so strong, stronger than me. My eyes flick to Viggo's face. I won't leave him, even to cross the room* And the police. You can't just let him..

Viggo Rising: I won't just let him, he's going to fucking pay for what he's done

prettyorli: .and you can't...*I shake my head, trying to form my thoughts into one coherent sentence* Who knows who else might have to go through this.

CraigyBaby01: *voice small and almost timid sounding* He'll come here. He's used to it...*I bite back before I realise I've said too much*

Viggo Rising: *My hands clench again, crushing the address book. I take a few deep breaths, counting to ten. I'm going to fucking kill the bastard. Standing again, I grab the phone and make the call--the conversation is brief, as if he's used to it, which I guess he is* He's...on his way

prettyorli: Viggo, if you hurt him, you'll end up paying. Do this the right way...please? *I gently stroke Craigs back, making no move from the corner*

Viggo Rising: *I don't respond to Orlando's pleading, I can't. I want a piece of this guy, I'm not a violent person, but I want him to hurt for what he's done*

CraigyBaby01: *pulling my head up a little, vission swimming* Viggo. He's never been like this before, not this bad. I've never said no before.

Viggo Rising: You did this time though, and he won't get away with it. We can call the police, and you can hope they find him before I do. *I'm honestly worried that nothing will come of this, I've seen it happen*

prettyorli: Should we...*we can't leave Craig like this for when he comes, but cant risk destroying evidence* Should we at least get you dressed, Craig? Then call the police?

CraigyBaby01: Dr. Roberts will take samples and stuff if I want him too. he'll be better than the police. *coughing painfuly* I'm not sure...

prettyorli: *quietly* Do you even think you can stand?

Viggo Rising: You need to lay down *My voice is gentle* Come on, I'll carry you to your bed if I have to, or to the couch

CraigyBaby01: *crawling back a litle into my corner, both of you too close, blinking up at you, afraid*

prettyorli: *I raise a hand, keeping Viggo back for a moment* Its just us, Craig. We won't hurt you, remember, we both promised. We love you. Just let us help, please let us try...

CraigyBaby01: *breathing calming at the sound of your voice, body relaxing a little, fingers realasing thier bloody hold on the white walls*

prettyorli: Thats right. Let Viggo help you onto the couch, love. We'll be right here. No going anywhere ever again.

CraigyBaby01: *nodding a little* couch. *frowning* I'll get it dirty though.

Viggo Rising: It doesn't matter, I'll clean up everything later. Come on baby.... *I gently reach to touch Craig, let him get used to me first*

prettyorli: *I move back a litle, keeping one hand lightly on Craig's arm, not wanting to crowd him* We have three couches between us, we'll work something out. *I try to smile*

CraigyBaby01: *feeling the strength of your fingers, tensing a little at first, trying to tell myself it's okay, gradualy losening up*

Viggo Rising: I won't hurt you, I"d never hurt you, Craig. It's just me, it's Viggo

CraigyBaby01: *reaching out one hand to touch you, trying not to notice the blood on it*

Viggo Rising: See, it's just me. *I hold still as Craig touches me, letting him do whatever he needs to*

prettyorli: Just us. *I murmer from beside them*

CraigyBaby01: *good eye meeting Viggo's nodding* okay.

Viggo Rising: Can you stand or would you like me to lift you? I don't mind

CraigyBaby01: *feeling small and vulnerable* carry. *small smile*

Viggo Rising: *The smile makes me feel some better. I kiss Craig's forehead gently, then scoop him up, holding him gingerly as I move towards the couch*

prettyorli: *I dart into the other room as Viggo moves craig, pulling a blanket out of the closet, and using it to wipe my eyes for a moment, the tears that just won't stop falling, then returning to wait until Craig is laid down*

CraigyBaby01: *trying not to wince too much, the rib hurting, the bruises I've learned to ignore*

Viggo Rising: I'm sorry if I'm hurtng you *I gently lay Craig on the couch, kneeling next to him*

prettyorli: *I lean over the couch, spreading the blanket over my lover, grateful in some small way that some of the horrors inflicted on him are hidden from sight, then kneel at the end of the sofa, one hand resting lightly on Craig's head* Is there anything you want?

CraigyBaby01: Water would be nice, get his...this taste out of my mouth. *holding onto the edge of the blanket tightly, looking to the door as I hear it ring*

Viggo Rising: Wait a moment, Orlando--I'll get the door and the water, stay with Craig

Viggo Rising: *Getting to my feet, I move towards the door, checking to see who it is before I open it*

prettyorli: *biting my lip, folling Craig's eyes to the door, frozen where I am and glad of Viggo's words, a hand slips down to grasp Craig's*

CraigyBaby01: *gripping the hand tightly as I see Dr. Roberts walk in, his eyes flitting briefly to the corner...where he usualy finds me*

Viggo Rising: *I usher the doctor in, then quickly move to get the water for Craig*

prettyorli: *Loathe to relinquish my grip on Craig's hand, even for the Doctor's exam* are having samples taken, right?

Viggo Rising: *Handing the water to Craig, I stand next to Orlando, watchful*

CraigyBaby01: *wincing slightly* yes. if I must. *sipping the water*

prettyorli: *stroking Craig's arm* Its right....we'll be here through whatever has to happen to stop this man.

CraigyBaby01: *breathing shalowly as the Dr gently strps up my ribs, does a quick exam, taking samples, tears leaking from my eyes at all of this*

Viggo Rising: *I began to pace, pent up angry energy driving me, watching, yet not wanting to, as the doctor does what he must*

prettyorli: *softly murmering anything to craig to try and soothe him, telling him how we love him, and stupid mundane details about Viggo's house, anything*

CraigyBaby01: *sobbing quietly as the Dr turns me over, checking my bacxk, proding and poking, gently, taking skin samples, other samples which hurt and humiliate even more.

Viggo Rising: *My pacing stops and I move over to take Craig's hand, stroking his hair, next to Orlando*

prettyorli: 8gently leaning across Craig's back, blocking the doctor from view as I hold him* Its alright. We love you. It'll all be alright if only because of that. We love you.

CraigyBaby01: *shuddering slightly as the Dr finishes, listen as he turns to Viggo, telling him to wash me gently, give me fluids, handing him some meds*

Viggo Rising: Thank you *I tell the doctor quietly, putting the bottle on the table, intending to give them to Craig once he's gone* We'll take care of him

CraigyBaby01: *quietly crying , gripping onto Orli's hand almost vicelike*

prettyorli: *I look up and nod my thank you's to the Doctor as he goes, turning my gaze back to Craig after only a second, peppering his hair with gentle kisses* Shh, thats done now, its over. Youre okay, love. Here with us where no one can hurt you again.

Viggo Rising: *Once the doctor is gone, I move back over to my two lovers, watching them, eyes sad*

CraigyBaby01: *blinking one eyed up at Viggo* Please don't do anything tonight. Please. *wondering how many times I've said that tonight*

Viggo Rising: *I sigh--I want to go off and kill that son of a bitch, but Orlando had been right, I can't leave them here alone. Reaching for the bottle, I get a few out and place them in Craig's hand* Take these, please

prettyorli: We should get you clean...*quietly, to Viggo* A cloth, or something....*I know a shower or bath would sting too much and...and I don't want him to see the marks on our own bodies. Not tonight. Thinking about it makes me feel even more sick, I must be nearly green with nasuea by now. I want to kill this man as much as Vig does, but more than that I want to hold craig and try to forget*

CraigyBaby01: *taking the water again, taking the pills without grumbling* these will relaxe me enough to let you wash me. I'm used to doing it myself.

Viggo Rising: Then I"m putting you to bed. We'll stay with you, but you're getting in bed, okay?"

Viggo Rising: *I move into the kitchen, filling up a bowl with warm water and getting a washclothe before moving back out. Sitting the bowl on the table next to me, I dip the clothe in--waiting to catach Craig's eyes before I try to touch him*

prettyorli: *I rub my thumb gently over the back of Craig's hand* How long do they take to kick in?

CraigyBaby01: *breathing as deep as I can with the straping on* go on, it'll take more than one bowls worth though!

CraigyBaby01: about half an hour till I'm well and truly out of it, just enough for me to usualy crawl upstairs and wash myself off. never this bad before thugh.

Viggo Rising: You don't have to do it yourself, we're here *I start to wash him off with gentle hands

prettyorli: *I drop my head to rest lightly against Craig's shoulder* I'm so sorry. It should never have happened, ever. But not now. *And it was worse because of us, wasnt it. He knew, didnt he. I cant ask this.*

CraigyBaby01: *looking at Orli, seeing the unsaid question* he saw the note. He knows I've got at least one person now who cares about me.

Viggo Rising: *My hand pauses in it's cleaning of Craig's body, then resumes* Never again

prettyorli: *I swallow* And he'll come back? Want to see who? *I shouldnt push this. I should stop. I cant...*

Viggo Rising: And he'll see it's me and that hurting you isn't an option

prettyorli: *I close my eyes, look down* Yes.

Viggo Rising: *I reach over, laying a hand on Orlando's head* No need for him to be able to focus on both of us and you already promised you'd stay out of sight. I don't want you hurt either

prettyorli: *quietly* Don't you dare get hurt Viggo. And dont you dare see him alone. I'll never forgive you if anything happens. If you get hurt or... or anything.

CraigyBaby01: Don't want you getting hurt Viggo, not even for me!

Viggo Rising: I won't get hurt *That's all I can say, I won't promise anything further. My hands still continue their gentle washing*

prettyorli: I'll never forgive you. *is my own promise, and I look away from Viggo, bending my head to kiss Craig's brow*

CraigyBaby01: *hissing a little sa you wash a sore spot*

Viggo Rising: I'm sorry

Viggo Rising: *I begin to wash even more lightly, sighing at Orlando's words* I'm just trying to protect you both

CraigyBaby01: I know. and I do love you for that. *sighing* I need to turn over now, you need to do mmy back

prettyorli: Yeah, well then you'll want to stay with us and not land yourself in court. Where he should be. *still looking at Craig* Sorry. Sorry. Shall I help you turn?

CraigyBaby01: *nodding* ribs hurt

prettyorli: *slipping my arms gently under Craig, in a half embrace* Say when...

Viggo Rising: *I give them a gentle hand as well, staying out of the conversation even though it involves me. I don't wish to fight over this, but if I see the man or he has the nerve to show up here agian, I'm not sure I won't kill him*

CraigyBaby01: *grimacing as I turn, glad of the drugs* okay. wash me Viggo. *closing eyes* all of it.

Viggo Rising: *And so I do, very carefully--hands amazingly gentle for how angry I'm feeilng* Almost done baby

CraigyBaby01: *wincing as your gentle hands soothe over me*

prettyorli: *gently rubbing Craigs shoulders, stroking him like a cat* How are you feeling? Sleepy at all yet?

CraigyBaby01: *turning back over gently* thanks love

Viggo Rising: Any time baby, next time for fun though...I'm going to take you upstairs now

CraigyBaby01: Okay. *yawning* I'm tired,need hugs

prettyorli: *smiles softly* Never going to be denied hugs here, love.

Viggo Rising: *I kiss Craig's forehead, then his lips gently, hugging him tenderly, before moving to scoop him up again*

CraigyBaby01: *sighing against Viggo as you pick me up, feeling warm*

prettyorli: *I sigh softly, wishing I had the frame to be able to do that myself, following a step behind as you head upstairs*

Viggo Rising: *I hold Craig close, moving towards the steps, careful of your injuries* You'll be okay, we'll be okay

CraigyBaby01: I know. time heals everything. *smiling, head lolling a bit, drugs taking over*

Viggo Rising: Yes *I gently lay Craig on the bed, kissing his forehead again* We'll be right here with you, you won't be alone. *I pull blankets up around him, sitting on the edge of the bed*

prettyorli: Never again. *I look at Viggo, silent anger at myself clear in my eyes* Never. *Slipping into the bed beside Craig, testing how close will be comfortable for him*

CraigyBaby01: *feeling comfortable in the duvet* huggie?

prettyorli: *giggles softly, nodding and snuggling closer* Lots of them. All night.

Viggo Rising: *I don't want Orlando feeling responsible for this, we arne't--it feels like we are, but we aren't. I slide my arms around Craig, holding him close*

CraigyBaby01: *drugs fully kicked in now, pain ebbing away* *laughing like a kid* 'snice. warm. snuggly

Viggo Rising: *I kiss Craig's head again, glad to see him light hearted even if it's drug induced.* I love you

prettyorli: *grins back and offers soft kisses* All tucked up for the night. I love you as well, both of you.

CraigyBaby01: *happiness flodding over me, a few stray tears escaping* love you....

Viggo Rising: *I kiss the tears away, then shift, laying down beside Craig*

CraigyBaby01: *gradualy drifting off to sleep*

Viggo Rising: *I watch Craig as he falls off to sleep, feeling sad and sick that this happened. It never should have happened...*

prettyorli: *snuggling closer, curling my arms round Craig, whispering to his newly slumbering form* Sleep now love, and only have sweet, happy dreams. *Looking up, my eyes meet Viggo's, not sure either of us can hope for the same*

Viggo Rising: It's not your fault *My voice is quiet, as not to bother Craig*

CraigyBaby01: *whimpering slightly in my sleep, mumbling words*

Viggo Rising: *I stroke gentle fingers across Craig's forehead* Shh baby

prettyorli: *whispering* I'm scared, and I'm angry with everyone, and I hate this. We promised it would never happen again. We let him down. *I screw my eyes up tightly so as not to cry* Go to sleep, Viggo.

Viggo Rising: NO, we did not let him down. We had no way of knowing this would happen, we all thought he would never come uninvited, and we didn't know Craig would be back so early. It shouldn't have happened but don't blame yourself for it...

Viggo Rising: And I'll sleep when I'm tired

prettyorli: *I exhale softly, eyes cold, but the hate in them isnt meant for Viggo. I know that. Still, I can't keep going over this with him. Let it go over in my head instead, while he's the strong one and all I'm allowed to do is keep out of sight.* Night, then. *I pause, soften very slightly.* I love you. *then press my face gently into Craig's shouder, hiding it so I can pretend to sleep in a while. Truly I feel like I'll never sleep again*

Viggo Rising: *I sigh deeply. This is all wrong, how did it all go so terribly wrong so fast? This isn't how I want to end this, him going to bed with that coldness to me in his voice* Good night
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