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Viggo Mortensen

hurts so good

(NC-17, some blood play, so you were warned, read at your own risk if it's not your thing)

prettyorli (20:37:09): They were in the car, on the way to Viggo's to pick up his things and stay there a night while Craig was away, going to pick up some of Orlando's things the next day before returning. The british actor had stared out of the window quiely for a good part of the journey, wondering where Craig was at that moment, what he was doing, if he missed them....
Letting out an almost perceptible sigh, he turned back to Viggo and offered him a smile, letting his hand run gently up the inside of the older man's leg. "Are we nearly.." his hand cupped Viggo's groin, "there yet?"

Viggo Rising (20:38:52): Viggo had been concentrating on the road, though he would occasionaly glance over at Orlando, knowing what was on his mind, and knowing there was little he could say to make the younger man feel better. When Orlando's hand cupped his groin, he groaned sofltly, having to force himself to pay attention to the road.

"Yes, nearly so...and why do I get the feeling if we weren't you're going to do something indecent in this car to me?"

prettyorli (20:42:16): Orlando grinned widely, gently massaging the bulge in Viggo's trousers. "Because you know me?"

Viggo Rising (20:43:58): Shifting slightly in his seat, Viggo clutched the steering wheel even more tightly, spreading his legs a bit.

"Yes, I know you too well...."

Turning onto another road, it was just a few houses down and they would be to Viggo's. Good thing really, the Dane was having trouble concentrating.

prettyorli (20:45:54): "I hope you have a secluded parking spot..." Orli bent over, undoing his seatbelt and twisting so he was half lying across Viggo's lap, making quick work of his fly and slipping a hand inside his trousers.

Viggo Rising (20:48:15): "Jesus Orlando..." Viggo muttered, eyes fluttering as those deft fingers touched his cock. "Can't you wait until we get inside the house?" Not that he actually wanted him to stop......

Viggo's rented house was on the beach, and of the style that has the garage on the very bottom, on stilts sort of, with the house above it. Somehow managing to keep from running over the mailbox, Viggo turned into his driveway and pulled beneath the house--throwing it into park and killing the ignition, groaning as he pulled Orlando to him for a deep kiss.

prettyorli (20:52:25): Orlando kissed Viggo back hard, fingers teasing the smooth head of his cock, before he fisted the shaft, jerking him slowly.
Pulling his head back from the violence of the kiss, Orlando whispered "What can I say...I'm inpatient..." before dropping his head, lapping at the tip of Viggo's erection as he wanked the shaft.

Viggo Rising (20:57:49): Viggo groaned deeply, hips arching up as Orlando's mouth closed on his cock.

"You don't hear me complaining do you...." The sentence ended with a soft moan. Tangling a hand in Orlando's hair, the Dane guided him slightly.

prettyorli (21:20:28): Orli let Vig guide his pace, concentrating on bathing his cock with delicious attentions, swirling his tongue, flicking it across the slit and nipping and scraping gently with his teeth,

Viggo Rising (21:24:05): Viggo hissed softly when Orlando's teeth grazed his cock, fingers clenching in the younger man's hair.

"Jesus Orlando...."

prettyorli (21:27:22): Smiling around Viggo's length, Orlando bit down a little harder, finger's tightening around Vigoo's balls, massaging them hard*

Viggo Rising (21:29:10): Viggo's hips jerked at the sudden sharp pain of Orlando's teeth digging in more--it hurt, but in that oh so good way. A low growl escaped Viggo's throat as he pushed Orlando's head down further on his cock.

prettyorli (21:36:12): As Viggo pushed, Orlando's teeth scraped down his length, unable to open his mouth wider in time. He quickly bathed the marks with his tongue, sucking hard, tugging on Viggo's balls gently.

Viggo Rising (21:45:38): Viggo growled at the sensations--having not quite expected that, but not disappointed either. The feel of the younger man's tongue soothing him caused his hips to buck a bit. Letting his head fall back, the Dane groaned, a tremor passing through his body.

prettyorli (21:50:33): Orlando gripped the waistband of Viggo's trousers in both hands, pulling them away as he lifted his hips. One hand slid underneath his lover, penetrating him roughly with three fingers so he could fuck himself on them as he thrust into Orlando's mouth.

Viggo Rising (21:58:36): Viggo gasped softly in surprise as Orlando's fingers entered him, eyes fluttering open for a moment. Soon he groaned though, spreading his legs more and caught between the desire to push back against the fingers or thrust up into the hot mouth on him.

prettyorli (22:02:26): Curling his fingers inside Viggo, Orlando sought out the sensitive spot that would make stars burst before his lovers eyes, rubbing it hard at the same moment as he took Viggo's length fully into his mouth, deepthroating him.

Viggo Rising (22:05:55): Not long now...Viggo knew that Orlando was going to drive him over the edge and fast. His entire body tensed and he moaned deeply as those fingers found his sweet spot, driving him wild....

prettyorli (22:09:16): Lifting his head for the briefest of seconds, Orland whispered, "Viggo, come for me..." before taking him in again, the light scrape of teeth over previous bites adding to sensation as he swallowed him.

Viggo Rising (22:10:05): Those words, those teeth...Viggo didn't stand a chance. Fingers pulling at Orlando's hair, VIggo thrusted up into the younger man's mouth a few more times before obeying the command with a soft cry...Orlando's name on his lips.

prettyorli (22:14:12): Orli rode out Viggo's orgasm, eagerly gulping at his hot seed, then laying his head in Viggo's lap, still suckling and licking very gently, nuzzling him.

Viggo Rising (22:15:00): Loosening his grin in Orlando's hair, Viggo's fingers brushed through the dark curls as he tried to get himself under control again, to slow his breathing.

"Jesus little elf, you'll be the death of me...."

prettyorli (22:17:38): Orli sighed happily. "Not for a very long time, I hope. I'd like to get a lot more use out of you yet." He giggled to himself.

Viggo Rising (22:18:35): Laughing, Viggo tugs Orlando up to give him a kiss, tasting himself on those lips.

"Shall we go inside?"

prettyorli (22:20:35): Wrapping his arms around Viggo's neck, Orli smiled into his eyes. "Carry me over the threshold, darling?"

Viggo Rising (22:22:08): Laughing, Viggo kisses his nose.

"You really are trying to kill me," He teases. "Sure, why not, but you can walk yourself up those steps."

prettyorli (22:24:58): Pouting and climbing over Viggo, Orlando crawls out of the car, geting to his feet at the bottom of the steps. "There's something in your porch..."

Viggo Rising (22:26:15): Viggo moves past Orlando, finding a package on the porch--reading he address he chuckles, shaking his head.

"I'm almost afraid to open this"

prettyorli (22:26:52): "why?' Orlando moves up and wraps his arms around Viggo's waist. "Who is it from?"

Viggo Rising (22:28:04): "Dominic," Viggo responds, resting one hand on top of Orlando's, the other holding the package. "Let's go in and see how bad it is....."

prettyorli (22:32:14): Jumping excitedly, Orlando beams and follows Viggo inside. "Oooh! Presents...Birthday presents!"

Viggo Rising (22:32:41): "I thought you wanted me to carry you in!' Viggo exclaims as Orlando rushes into the house.

prettyorli (22:33:33): Orli laughs, "you can carry me out, or carry me to the bedroom. I want to see what you've got!"

Viggo Rising (22:34:12): "Just for that I should make you wait," Viggo states, taking the box into the kitchen and sitting it on the counter, getting out two beers.

prettyorli (22:36:12): "Viggo!" Orlando protests, looking up at Viggo with well practised puppy dog eyes, "Now don't be mean..."

Viggo Rising (22:40:06): Viggo pushes Orlando against the counter, grinding against him.

"I could SHOW you mean..." He purrs, then steps back, handing the younger man a beer. "But it just so happens I'm curoius too"

prettyorli (22:42:58): Opens his eyes slowly, after closing them and moaning as Viggo pressed against him...."And you were just beginning to make me foget the package altogether....but seeing as you're curious..." he grins.

Viggo Rising (22:45:09): Opening his beer, Viggo takes a deep draught before sitting it down and setting to work on the box. The first thing he finds are edible paints, chuckling as he hands them over to Orlando.

"That's actually a very good gift....birthday presents..."

The next item just has him shaking his head--the rather sheer jockey type underwear, black lace.

"He's insane....."

Pulling out the note attached to the third pair, Viggo laughs out loud--handing the skimpy leoperd print underwaer to Orlando.

"These are for YOU...should I be jealous of the fact Dominic is sending you underwear and it's not even your birthday?"

prettyorli (22:49:17): Olando laughs hard, holding the flimsy knickers up to the light. "I don't know, did he ask for photo's of me in them?" He winked, reaching for the body paint and examining it carefully..."Oooh...Craig and I can be your canvas..."

Viggo Rising (22:50:56): "No, he didn't, and even if he did, he's not getting them!" Viggo laughs. "I wonder if he actually expects me to WEAR these. And yes, I'd love to make you my canvas...we could always try them out"

prettyorli (22:52:52): Orli straddled Viggo's lap, facing him. "I think you'll look fabulous in them. Plus, it gives me something to take off...." he slowly traced a finger down Viggo's neck, lightly brushing the sensitive skin of his collarbone.

Viggo Rising (22:54:08): Viggo turns his head to the side, loving the feel of Orlando's hands on him.

"You already have something to take off...." he murmurs, then kisses the younger man's lips hungrily.

prettyorli (22:55:51): "mmm..." leaning into the kiss, Orlando works quickly on the button's of viggo's shirt, pushing it back and letting his hands explore the artist' shoulders, finging the mark he left yesterday and pressing on it lightly. "Still hurt?"

Viggo Rising (22:56:27): Groaning, Viggo closes his eyes, arms tightening around Orlando.

"A bit...feels good...."

prettyorli (23:00:15): Orlando explores the small wound with his fingers, murmering softly, 'You know, its not really sharp teeth you need, to draw just have to know how..."

Viggo Rising (23:01:10): "Sharp things are fun too," Viggo murmurs as Orlando explores the wound, hissing softly whe he hits a particularly sensitive part.

prettyorli (23:02:57): "mmm..." The younger man nods. "Sharp things can be...usefull.." he presses into the wound, digging his nail in lightly.

Viggo Rising (23:04:13): "They can feel nice....." Viggo says, remembering past experiences, body jerking slightly when the nail digs into the tender flesh.

prettyorli (23:06:31): "I like the taste." Orli whispers, trailing his tongue across he reddened flesh.

Viggo Rising (23:07:12): "I'd like to taste you," Viggo whispers, one hand tangling in the hair at the base of the young man's neck.

prettyorli (19:45:17): Moaning softly, Orlando leant back in Viggo's arms, stretching out lithely and pulling at the nearest drawer. He smiled, not quite what he expected, but good enough. Instead of kitchen knives, there are artists materials, including the finer, sharper exacto knives. He pulls one out, flicks up the blade, looks at Viggo....

Viggo Rising (19:54:07): Viggo shivered when he saw what Orlando had found, his arousal growing at the thought of what Orlando was wanting to do, was willing to let him do. He took the knife from Orlando, kissing him deeply before pulling back.

"Where?" he inquired.

prettyorli (19:58:00): Orli licked his lips, smiled a slow smile, then pulled the neck of his shirt across, exposing the area of his shoulder that mirrored where he had left his mark on Viggo.

Viggo Rising (20:02:28): Smiling, Viggo nodded, kissing the bare flesh first--a gentle action, before lifting his head again. Bringing the knife up, drawing it across Orlando's flesh carefully. He knew just how deeply to cut, watching the blood well up. After a moment, Viggo lowered his head again, lapping lightly at the blood.

prettyorli (20:08:43): Orlando didn't flinch at all as the blade snagged and then dug into his skin. Cock growing hard as a rock in his jeans, he turned his head, watching Viggo lick away the thin line of blood seeping from the wound, then lifting Viggo's head and licking across his lower lip, seeking traces of his own taste.
"I love you..."

Viggo Rising (20:10:26): Viggo pulled Orlando closer against him as he licked and sucked gently at the wound, hips to hips. When Orlando pulled his head up, he parted his lips, sealing their mouths in a kiss--letting Orlando taste himself there.

"I love you..." he echoed, pressing his forehead to the younger man's.

prettyorli (20:13:16): Orli took back the knife gently, laid it on the table beside them, and reached to tug at Viggo's top, pulling it up over his head and discarding it. He ran eager hands across his lover's chest, exploring the curves and undulations.

Viggo Rising (20:19:21): Viggo raised his arms a bit to help Orlando get the shirt off, pressing into the touches on his chest. He considered Orlando's question, trying to decide the answer to that question.

Finally, he drew a finger just above his right nipple.

"Right here."

prettyorli (20:26:04): "mmm..." Orlando sighed softly, watching Viggo's finger trace a line across his own skin. Carefully picking the knife up once more, steadying it in his hands, he licked the blade clean of the last dark traces on it, and cut a small cross, a kiss, where Viggo had indicated.
The larger surface area bled more, and as he bent his head, a trickle of blood ran over Viggo's nipple, escaping some way across his chest before Orlando's quick tongue caught it, lapping at the salty trail.

Viggo Rising (20:29:36): Groaning, Viggo laid his head back, hand tangling in the hair at the nape of his neck again, eyes closing. The blade going in felt so good. The Dane's body shuddered slightly and he moaned as he felt Orlando's tongue move across his flesh.

prettyorli (20:31:25): Orli's teeth caugh Viggo's nipple as they licked past it, biting down hard, then suckling hard at the wound above it, drawing out the blood that still flowed readily.

Viggo Rising (20:33:57): Hissing, Viggo tightened his grip on Orlando's neck when he felt those teeth close on his nipples. Moaning, he let Orlando suck hard at the wound, wililng to give as much as his younger lover wanted to take.

"Maybe...maybe we should take this to the bedroom," Viggo finally managed.

prettyorli (20:36:22): Orlando tilted his head slightly and smiled. "This will stain worse than really like being hurt, don't hurt? Tell me...tell me what you have done before?"

Viggo Rising (20:49:06): "I don't care, I can afford new sheets," Viggo groaned, stroking fingers through Orlando's hair. "And yes, I do...I like being hurt..." He had only ever let a few people know that. "Hmm and you're wanting war stories are you?" he tickled Orlando's sides lightly.

prettyorli (20:52:04): Orlando giggled, wriggling off Viggo's lap and standing, holding out his hand. "Yes, tell me about your battle scars. Show me them. Let me give you some more. I want to write my name across you." He looked up at his lover with black eyes. "You'll have a medical kit? Antiseptic wipes? I...I know this isnt exactly safe but...I've had tests..."

Viggo Rising (20:55:12): Getting to his feet, still holding onto Orlando's hands, Viggo kissed him lightly.

"Yes, I've got everything we'll need," he responded, nuzzling Orlando's necks. "And I've been tested too--I'm actually not that active, my encounter with Craig...well that was unusual for me..."

Leading Orlando to the bedroom, Viggo smiled over his shoulder.

"I'll let you do whatever you want to me love...."

prettyorli (20:58:12): "I've been active, but this..." he coughed, 'Only once before....I have to trust...I have to feel safe." he wrapped his arms around Viggo. "I feel safe enough to bleed with you."

Viggo Rising (21:00:33): "That means a lot to me," Viggo said, hugging Orlando close, kissing his forehead. "I've had very few lovers that I've ever trusted enough to let press a blade to my flesh....." Nipping at Orlando's throat, he started to undress the younger man.

prettyorli (21:03:42): Orlando pulled at Viggo's belt buckle, hands tangling with the ones simultaneously trying to undress him. He pushed Viggo's jeans down over his hips and grinned. "I have the perfect canvas in you."

Viggo Rising (21:07:17): "Mmm..." Viggo said, getting Orlando's pants free of him as well, fingers trailing along his hips. Once they were both naked, Viggo moved over to retrieve a few things from a trunk in the closet. Pulling out a small box, he moved to sit on the bed, drawing Orlando down with him.

prettyorli (21:10:16): Settling on the bed beside him, Orlando pulled his legs up, laying them over Viggo's and curling his arms round the older man. "Box of tricks?"

Viggo Rising (21:14:38): "Sort of," Viggo said, handing the box to Orlando. It had mainly differnet kinds of blades in it, used for various types of cuts, some better for making designs than others. There were also some alcohol swabs in there, for sterilizing and just keeping everything clean. He ran one hand down the young man's leg, letting him look in the box.

prettyorli (21:28:11): Orlando sorted through the box like an eager child at xmas. By the time he looked up, he certainly felt like a child next to this clearly more experienced man. "I'm afraid I couldnt name even half of these...but I'd like to try them all..."

Viggo Rising (21:30:41): "You don't have to name them," Viggo said, voice rather husky as he kissed the side of Orlando's face. "I just want you to use them, both of us to use them....I want to hurt for you...."

prettyorli (21:33:28): Orlando let his eyes flutter closed for a moment as the intensity of Viggo's words settled in. He swallowed hard and looked back into Viggo's eyes.
"Show me what's best to label you with?"

Viggo Rising (21:37:40): Taking the box back from Orlando, Viggo looked into the box, finally pulling out one of the smaller blades, which allowed for more detail, handing it to Orlando with a smile.

prettyorli (21:39:47): Nodding, taking the thin blade, Orlando placed one hand in the flattest part of Viggo's chest, pushing him backwards on the bed, so he lay with his legs over the edge. Kneeling between them, Orli laved a path up the inside of one thigh with his tongue, forcing Viggo to spread his legs wider, and wider still.

Viggo Rising (21:41:16): Laying back as he was pushed, Viggo shifted, spreading his legs as wide as he could for Orlando--as wide as the young man wanted. He let his fingers trail through Orlando's hair as the young man's tongue ran over his flesh, shuddering slightly.

prettyorli (21:45:14): After licking around Viggo's arousal, teasing but never touching it, Orli pulled back, fingers pressing against the sensitive inner thigh, avoiding the hard sinew and muscle, and looking for a softer place to cut.

Viggo Rising (21:50:06): Sighing softly, Viggo relaxed some, trusting in Orlando...very much looking forward to this. It was a heady feeling, giving so much power to someone, it had been so long since he had done that, he had forgotten the rush ....

prettyorli (21:52:05): The Englishman pressed the blade against Viggo's skin, not cutting, not yet.
"Ask for it." Orlando murmered, voice low with arousal.

Viggo Rising (21:54:06): Viggo shuddered, swallowing hard, trying to form words.

"Please," he murmured. "Please Orlando, I need it..." He let his fingers trail through dark curls again.

prettyorli (21:57:16): "Don't stop...or I will..."

The blade digs in, dragging in a slow circle.


Viggo Rising (21:59:05): Viggo gasped softly, eyes fluttering all the way closed, his cock growing even harder, painfully so as Orlando moved the blade so slowly.

"I need to feel..." He groaned, not even sure of what he was saying now--voice quiet, husky as he continued to beg, to simply talk-sometimes even slipping into Danish instead of English.

prettyorli (22:02:43): Orlando's voice was nearing a purr as he read out, "R...L...A...." gradually forming the strokes of the N, as sticky blood dripped down uncared for from the other letters, digging the blade in deeper just to hear Viggo's voice quiver.

Viggo Rising (22:05:51): Viggo's voice faltered a bit as the blade dug more deeply into his thigh, nearly taking his breath away. It was delicious, it was was exactly what he wanted.

prettyorli (22:21:24): Orlando paused, leaning in to clean his work so far of theblood that was starting to cloak Viggo's thigh in a dark sheet of red. Then setting back to his carving, the slow curves of the D and the O.
"Orlando..." He read quietly, again pausing to admire his work, then underlining it with a quick, hard stroke of the blade.

Viggo Rising (22:23:20): Viggo arched up a bit with a pained noise when Orlando stroked hard with the blade, eyes closing all the way. He nearly came, the sensation was that intense, he nearly lost it right then and there. His hands were now clenched in the sheets.

"Yours," he gasped.

prettyorli (22:24:47): Laughing softly and nodding, Orlando stood up, remarking, "So fucking beautiful. My own art...Stay there, I want a picture..."
He looked around for the camera that he knew must be nearby.

Viggo Rising (22:29:43): Viggo lay on the bed, too out of it to even give much direction, trusting Orlando would eventually find what he was after.

prettyorli (22:34:18): It takes less than a minute to locate a camera anywhere in any of Viggo's houses. Orlando knew this well and was not surprisedto find one stting on the table opposite. Kneeling again, he shot off five of six pictures of his name as it dribbled down Viggo's thigh, then dropped the camera and leaned in with a moan, unable to resist tasting it any longer.

Viggo Rising (22:37:22): Moaning softly, Viggo spread his thighs even further as Orlando began to lap at his blood, slowly coming down a bit though he wasn't any less turned on. His blood was flowing pretty freely, and Viggo simply loved the feeling of it.

"You're amazing."

prettyorli (22:42:20): Orlando smiled. "Flatterer." Turning, he sank his lips over Viggo's renewed arousal, grazing it hard with his teeth before moving onto the bed and into his lover's arms.
"Is that what you've been craving?"

Viggo Rising (22:44:25): Viggo growled when he felt the teeth on his cock, hands coming up to tangle in Orlando's hair again. God, that felt fucking good. Then his young lover was in his arms again and he kissed him deeply, holding him close.

"Yes...exactly..." Viggo murmured. "That and so much more..."

prettyorli (22:50:23): Orlando nibbled lightly on Viggo's lower lip. "Anything for you...any need, and want, any craving...." he kissed him again, "Any desire. I want to help fill them all."

Viggo Rising (22:51:37): "That's quite an offer," Viggo murmured, nuzzling at Orlando's neck. "And I have no doubt you can fullfill, what do YOU want?"

prettyorli (22:55:20): *sighs softly and flops back* Half of it I have right here. The other half...I want Craig to call Viggo...I'm worried.

Viggo Rising (22:56:32): Viggo trailed fingers over Orlando's body, kissing him gently.

"He's fine, I'm sure and he'll be back before we know it...and I more meant this instant, what do you want me to do for you right now, perhaps to distract you from your worry?"

prettyorli (22:59:34): Orlando purred deep in his throat..."distractions are good..." leaning over, he reached into the box, blindly selecting a blade and dropping it onto his stomach. "show me how you use this one?"

Viggo Rising (23:03:02): Viggo sat up a bit, taking the blade in hand with a smile. He kissed Orlando again, then pushed him down onto his back, trading places. Running fingers lightly over the tattoo on Orlando's stomach, he began massaging to the side of it a bit, well clear of the tattoo, making sure he had a safe place to work.

"You signed your name, I'll do something a bit different...."

Drawing the blade across smooth flesh, Viggo began to etch a design into Orlando's flesh--it started to look almost like elvish script, but it was totally random, just various flicks of the wrists, some lines deeper than others, wider, giving a more interesting appearance to the cutting.

prettyorli (23:14:45): Orlando hissed softly through clenched teeth as Viggo worked, tiny stings making way for deeper, more lasting pain. He watched the artist as he worked, the concentration on his face a beautiful thing.

Viggo Rising (23:25:17): Viggo was careful, though not *too* careful, or it wouldn't have had any thrill for either of them. Every so often, he would lean down, lapping at the gathering blood to clear his 'canvas' a bit, then go back to work.

prettyorli (23:25:59): "drawing...anything in particular, love?" Orlando managed to gasp.

Viggo Rising (23:27:52): Viggo's free hand caressed Orlando's thigh, looking up at him with a smile.

"No, just something lovely, it needed to be fitting..." His hand moved from the younger man's hip, to his cock, stroking it a few times then putting his full concentration back on what he was doing. Finally, he sat the blade down, lapping at the blood again. "All done....."

prettyorli (23:32:00): Orlando smiled, lifting his head to look at it upside down. "Take a picture?"

Viggo Rising (23:34:00): "Of course," Viggo said, picking up the camera that Orlando had been using. He began to take a few pictures, from different angles. Then, backing up, he took a few pictures of Orlando's entire body--of him lounging on the bed. "Now I have one of both of you--next goal, both of you together."

prettyorli (23:37:48): Orlando shook his head and tutted, "No no, all three. Completion." He grinned, "And I've been waiting for our family portrait since the first day."

Viggo Rising (23:40:25): "I'd still like one of the two of you too, and we'll have our family portrait, I promise," Viggo stated, snuggling closer to Orlando, letting fingers trail over the freshly carved design on the younger man's abdomen.

prettyorli (22:28:40): Orli lifted his head to look again at the new design marking his stomach, wondering how long it would last. Questions might be asked, but as they covered his tattoo with make up anyway, it should'nt be a problem.
The buzz of adrenaline still sent shivers through him as he looked at the vicious red marks, Viggo's gentle fingers not quite letting the sensation die.
"You know Craig will be wanting one too..." He smirked.

Viggo Rising (22:29:49): "Or he'll tihnk we're totally daft," Viggo chuckled, fingers still moving. "But if he wants one, we'll have to give him one."

prettyorli (22:32:26): "One each..." Orlando purred, pulling Viggo closer and kissing him. "Long as we get paid in kind." his legs curled round those of his lover as he rolled over, bringing their bodies into closer contact.

Viggo Rising (22:33:45): "Mmm...yes," Viggo returned, letting Orlando pull at him, returning the kiss, one hand cupping the younger man's face. "I have to admit, I'm rather surprised you were into this..."

prettyorli (22:40:14): Orlando smiled, "I'm rather surprised you were, but then, you're full of surprises lately...I...I guess I always liked the idea of it...I like people to be rough with me. I like to hurt, sometimes" He winced. "I guess thats a bit messed up."

Viggo Rising (22:41:39): "Not at all," Viggo stated. "It's just not like what most consider normal. But it doesn't make you messed up. Sometimes hurting is the best kind of pleasure."

prettyorli (22:44:23): "And theres a difference between violence and consenting, loving hurt." Orli nodded, rocking his hips slowly agains't Viggo. "Finally someone gets it. This is why I love you. One of the whys."

Viggo Rising (22:46:05): "No, it's not violence, I could never be truly violent with you--any hurt I ever inflict on you lke this is because I love you. Yes, I get it..."

And so the pair snuggled and shagged and all around enjoyed one another's company--christening Viggo's house quite thoroughly well into the night.
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