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PLEASE LET ME JOIN! [05 May 2003|03:02pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hey all! I know I shouldn't be posting without emailing, but I tried I tried! And the stupid mail got sent back to me. Anyways, all I want t osay is that I want to join your community as a representative for Karl. Let's try to write a resume:

Name: Lania
Age: Does it really matter? well, I'm over 17...
LJ user ID: Lania (original, right?)
Experience: hmm... What do you mean? Role playing? I do that every day I am in school. I don't think Lania exists even more. It's either Karl and Viggo, or Eomer and Aragorn, or one of those cool humans. I think I spend too much time looking for sketchy pictures. Honestly... Too much time... I really want to join you guys. I am currently working on a parody of "making of lord of the rings," but it's only on the 3rd page. Well, I hope that's all I need. Anything else? I'm a crazy girl. And I want to join your community. Please let me!

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In for a penny... [11 Nov 2002|11:38am]

It has been a while since I have been with anyone who was willing to do what Craig did for me, and who so obviously enjoyed it--and I still know I can push him further, I know he would let me bleed for him.

I don't suppose it overly surprises me that there is that side to Craig, and I think given the events of the past few days--he was in as much a need of that as I was. Anyone who has never experienced something like it, I don't think they can understand the utter love and trust that went into what we did. That's okay though, I know. We know. It was different than what Orlando and I did, the blood letting--that kind of pain. It's an entirely different kink really.

My face is pressed into Orlando's smoothe neck and all I can smell is the delicious scent that is him. He feels so perfect in my arms, and Craig behind me, pressed close with his arms around me. This is so amazing, and surreal and my mind just won't let me sleep. I tighten my arms around Orlando and settle in more, as I feel my body start to win over my mind--saited exhaustion winning as I drift off.
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[05 Nov 2002|03:16am]

[ mood | loved ]

Elf rescue team on a missionCollapse )

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Hear that? It's the sound of my world crashing around my ears.. [04 Nov 2002|06:17pm]

(Craig and Viggo dealing with Orlando running off...PG)

will they break?Collapse )
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[03 Nov 2002|03:47pm]

Evening, and Viggo's not the only one hiding his hurts.

Something for the pain...Collapse )
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a little snack [02 Nov 2002|09:15pm]

(takes place after this later in the day...)

orli and viggo get a snackCollapse )
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a quiet chat.... [02 Nov 2002|09:14pm]

(continued from here...PG rating)

craig and viggo have a quiet chatCollapse )
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*thumb ache* [01 Nov 2002|05:54pm]

[ mood | content ]

I've made up my mind...

Once Lighe and I've gotten a bigger place,
we're adopting...

... a dog.

And the 'argument' is solved now,
it was all a jealous missunderstanding.

"The first thing you do when you feel better is to dash off to the beach with Jaime! Maybe you're just desperate to see him in his shorts, hm? Is that it?"

He's been under a lot of stress lately... it'll be better once we get to relax in Vermont. Just the two of us. :)

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[01 Nov 2002|04:19am]

[ mood | enraged ]

Continued from Here

(Contains graphic images, not sex but still violence, don't read if this squicks you)

An unwelcome visitorCollapse )

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[01 Nov 2002|03:21am]

[ mood | depressed ]

The morning after Barry paid a visitCollapse )

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BAPPY HIRTHDAY!! [01 Nov 2002|12:17am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

First off, we don't exactly celebrate Halloween in the UK, but...


And no, I didn't forget you Peter... I was keeping you on the rack. *grins*

Here's a lovely present for you!

Unwrap presentCollapse )

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Queeeeeeen. [31 Oct 2002|05:12pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

I'm not sure when Elijah came home last night, I was too tired, but I'm positive he was drunk.

I went to bed around 11 PM and fell asleep pretty quickly, but I awoke when the door slammed shut. Elijah was home.
There was rummaging around and noises and I'm guessing it was around 2 AM, but I'm not sure. When he came to bed I felt a light smell of alcohol before I fell back to sleep.

Elijah's going to the Incubus concert tonight.
The Farside of the world had a wrap-up party the other day,
so Billy is probably going back to Scotland now.
But he won't come with us to London :(

Orli still hasn't decided if he's going to London with us and we're running out of time. We're leaving Saturday afternoon.


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this too shall pass... [31 Oct 2002|10:04am]

[ mood | distressed ]

I managed to sleep fitfully for a few hours, but I woke when I felt someone settle back into bed--Orlando from the sounds of it. I sigh, closing my eyes again--not quite saying anything. I'm starting to shake, I can feel it...

Getting out of bed as carefully as I can, as not to wake or disturb Craig, I move to the bathroom, closing the door--though not all the way. I look at myself in the mirror--I look like shit, too old right now. Splashing some water on my face, I realise that doesn't help, not at all.

Closing my eyes I let the tears fall--tears I held in check because of the two men in the next room. I'm the strong one, no time for tears then. I'm the protector but I didn't do an overly good job of it, did I? I let Craig get hurt in his own home. I told Orlando it wasn't his fault, and it's not. It's not my fault either, but it certainly feels like I let them down. Did my assurances sound as hollow to Orlando as they felt to me.

I slide to a sitting positon, leaning against the counter, arms resting on my knees. There are still hot tears running down my face--but they are't the kind of tears that leave you feeling better, they are the kind that just leave you feeling even more desolate and empty.

Why did this have to happen? And to Craig? I really will kill that bastard if I get my hands on him, I swaer to god I think I will.

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Ice. [31 Oct 2002|11:08am]

[ mood | cold ]

Lying here, curled up against a warm body...how can I feel so cold? Theres an icy wind rushing through my bones with no way for me to let it escape.

We should have been here, been here or gone with him or never let him go. We promised it was over, that he wouldnt get hurt again.

If I were to open my eyes, all I would see is the mass of bruises that are all my fault.

And all the time I was worried about him, missing him. Why didnt I fucking go? Viggo would have gone with us if we'd asked, I know he would. Why did we let him walk out that door alone? Why weren't we here when he walked back in?

We were off having...fun...

I got up and vomited an hour ago. I've not eaten and all I could do was dry heave.

I feel so out of place here. Torn. Viggo is the protector, the strength, he's everything. He knows what to do and at least he can make some kind of difference. Me I'm selfish and useless. All I can do is hold him and love them and cry, and thats all as much for myself as anyone else.

I know I can't show this to him. I'll smile and pull on a mask of my own as best I can. I'll be warm for him.

But I feel so cold...

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bad times [30 Oct 2002|10:05pm]

this post happens after this

cut for your sanity, no sex stuff, just some upsetting stuffCollapse )
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*left alone* [31 Oct 2002|03:51am]

[ mood | lonely ]

I came home earlier than planned and Elijah wasn't home.

He's still not home.


I hope he doesn't cum home drunk later...

Off to the movies with Jaime!

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hurts so good [30 Oct 2002|06:15pm]

(NC-17, some blood play, so you were warned, read at your own risk if it's not your thing)

Viggo and Orlando at Viggo's while Craig is awayCollapse )
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Surf Queen!! [30 Oct 2002|09:42pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Off to surf with Jaime and Pete! *finally not bored*
Dom is the Queen of the waves! Wohoo!

Elijah isn't talking to me after a little argument we had last night. Nothing serious, it'll pass.

Love you Lighe! <3

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I'm Back! [29 Oct 2002|04:14am]

[ mood | flirty ]

Hey guys! I finally have enough time to make an update. Well, nothing real important..
Dom..Orli.. and who ever else.. Are we still on for London? I am looking forward to it! especially seeing dom and orlando *p u r r*

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Work it mate!! [28 Oct 2002|06:45pm]

[ mood | horny ]


I feel for him, I really do hehe
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